Monday, September 16, 2013

Frozen Moments

Moments that you realize are good while you're in them. Moments that you are able to freeze and hang on to.

I have a handful of these. Dinner at a sidewalk cafe on a cool night in San Francisco. We ordered one of everything on the menu. Eddy's first meal. Motherhood hit me full-force. 

And this moment:

Eddy and I ran out to pick up Chinese takeout on Saturday night while Tim stayed behind to cook pot-stickers. He walked out the door, as he often times does, with a pinwheel ("MA-NU-MAH!") in his hand. Despite our best wishes down here in Texas, we are still hanging on to bits of heat but a warm breeze and loud music practically begged for windows down in the car.

Our favorite radio station played a rare version of Good Vibrations, Eddy's pinwheel caught a breeze, and a frozen moment was born. He squealed so loudly all the way (down the street) and couldn't believe how fast his favorite toy was spinning.

I smiled so hard it hurt. And I got an encore on the way home.

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  1. You capture these moments so perfectly- not a single word too many, the perfect image in the perfect tone. Always so well done.


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