Saturday, September 21, 2013

52 photo series: Catching up

The thing I'm having the hardest time keeping up with is this blog which makes me so sad. I love this space and although I sometimes can't find the right words or snap the perfect moment, this space is the place I have kept track of my little family most consistently and when I do go back and look at old posts, I'm so thankful that moments are saved.

My friend, Sara, told me the other day that she clicked back through my pictures of Eddy from the 52 series and couldn't believe how much he had changed week to week. Not every picture is artful or beautifully edited but you can look back through them and figure out when he started walking, how tall he's gotten, how happy he is. Her comment gave me the kick I needed to go back through the camera and phone and catch up. And this week, I've made it a point to pick the big camera up again and try to capture this fleeting life a bit more clearly.

Here are the ones I missed from the last month and my current one for this week is posted here.


Dah-puh-dee face - dinner with friends and the boy enjoyed his favorite meal, spaghetti, shirtless and al fresco. I can't think of a better way.


Dorito Thief - we caught up with Papa and Woody near the end of the wait for Franklin Barbecue and Eddy made fast friends with the guys with junky snacks.


You Gotta Wear Shades - We've had the good fortune of going to Schlitterbahn three times this summer and the shuttle is by far Eddy's favorite ride. He cries, "Uck??" every time we get off. Also, always buy the cheap sunglasses. It's more than worth it.

Thanks for the motivation to get back in gear, Sass. Love ya.

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