Friday, August 9, 2013


As we were getting Eddy ready for bed, I said to Tim, "Oh shoot! Is tomorrow Friday?" Which, I know, sounds super dumb but I was asking because that means it's T-GIF and I hadn't made a GIF yet!

Fear not. I came across this series of fantastic front yard fotos (alliteration!) and I can't exactly tell you what's happening here because I don't exactly know. My best guess is that he was Popsicle jousting. In fact, I saved this file as 'popsicle-joust.jpg' if you ever need to access it in dire circumstances.

And as a side note, a friend of mine from high school said on Facebook last Friday, "Why isn't T-GIF a thing like Throwback Thursday?" Ermehgerd! It IS a thing! I just made it one last week!! Please join me! Please! I'm in Photoshop geek purgatory all by myself!

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  1. Make a tutorial... for all of us who don't want to use a GIF animator on the 8th site down on Google. MAKE A TUTORIAL.

    Also, he is adorable.


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