Friday, August 16, 2013


Ever taken a picture of someone and gravity done did them wrong? The first time I did this, I was snapping quick photos in succession of my friend's beautiful daughter to use in my Etsy shop. We told her to jump to try and get a cute picture of her in action. All of the shots turned out so cute EXCEPT FOR ONE. I won't publish it here because she's not my kid and you all seriously don't understand how beautiful she is but we all laughed so hard that we nearly peed when we looked at it. She look like a saggy, fat old lady.

Last weekend, I was taking fast shots of Ed at the playground down the street. As I scrolled through them when we got home, I again met the ugly face of gravity. Gravity - let's be real - is the bomb. Holds us all in place, pulls a ball down when you toss it, blah blah blah. But sometimes, it does us wrong.


Now correct me if I'm wrong (no don't correct me) but Ed is one of the cutest human beings on the planet. I got a preview of what things may look like in 85 years and it's SO WEIRD.

Also, this gif was made remotely. I'm out of town and away from the computer so I gave Tim step-by-step directions on how to make this over Skype and I must say that he was the perfect pupil. Bravo, TT.

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