Monday, August 12, 2013

My Chalupa

Lemme tell you a little story about this gal.

Despite her tough appearance, she is such a little fraidy cat. Excuse me - fraidy dog. She'd fart on me if she knew I'd compared her to a cat.

From the time that we brought her home, certain things make her so nervous that I'm surprised her heart hasn't thumped out of her freckly little chest. For instance, plastic bags. You don't see these bags much anymore in Austin since the single-use bag ban and I have a feeling that Lucy was behind all of that. If we ever made our way to the grocery store without our canvas sacks and took home a flimsy plastic bag in desperation, she would cower out of the kitchen the moment we set them down. No lie. They make her so nervous. Something about the way they move or sound, I guess. Paper: no big deal. Plastic: heart attack.

The vacuum cleaner is obvs. Most dogs hate the vacuum cleaner. But the level of fear in her eyes would make you think that we are under a very violent attack. So riddle me this: she CHARGES the lawnmower. If a vacuum cleaner scares you, wouldn't a lawnmower be like that times a thousand?

When she was a pup, we took her to one of her many vaccination appointments and as she trembled on the table, we told the vet that she was pretty skittish. The vet told us that brindle boxers tend to be more nervous than other boxers. Really? Could it really be possible that the color of her hair makes her jumpy?

So based on all of this you would think that something like an air mattress would freak the heck out of her, right? With the loud noise it makes as it inflates and how it unrolls and seems to grow on its own? The stuff Lucy nightmares are made of.


It is her number one favorite spot to sleep. Trumps the couch any day. We only bring the air mattress out when we have company, which we do this weekend, and the instant she hears it come out of the bag she is right there. After unrolling it last night, I pushed the button to start the motor and she placed one paw on it as it inflated, waiting for it to be juuust right. And when we put it away tomorrow she will probably hang her head and sigh for the rest of the day, letting us know that she just can't possibly get comfortable anywhere else. Oh the drama.

So complex, this girl. My Chiquita Banana. My little Chalupa. Good ol' Lucy Case Wilson. The weirdest, most adorable girl I know.


  1. look at her face?! adorable! loved reading this, gave me a giggle

  2. She is adorable!

    Just curious, is this your son's room? It's so beautiful and neat!

  3. Your dog, my cat. Both weird. Both very loved.

  4. I must say, I know everyone loves children, and yours is most certainly a super cutie, but I just LOVE your relationship with Ms. Lucy. It makes my heart swell that shes still a very important part of your family. I feel like alot of people forget about thier first kids when the babies come along :)


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