Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Eddy, 18 months

Dear Puddinhead,

I took you to your first music class when you were 3 months old. It was hilarious. You were an immobile chubby turd that could do nothing but lie on your back on a big drum and feel the music but, you know, I wanted you in music class.

At that first class, we sang 'Old MacDonald' and the older kids, who went up to age 3, knew all of the animal sounds and sang them at the appropriate times. Moo moos and quack quacks, they knew em all. It was so cute at first and then the animal noises started to torment me. I may have started sweating. It dawned on me for the first time that I was responsible for teaching you all the animal noises. And everything else.

This weighed on me for kind of a long time. For a few more months, you remained essentially a motionless turd - adorable turd, yes - but motionless and I worried that I was holding you too much or not enough and that we hadn't listened to enough music and that I hadn't said any Spanish words to you in days (or ever) and that I secretly hated tummy time so I frequently skipped it.

And then something amazing started happening.

You started moving. And when you started moving you started discovering things by yourself and at your own pace. I was just your happy provider and protector, making sure that things in your way were safe and good.

Since day one, there hasn't been a day that your brain hasn't amazed me. From your first head-bobbing root for a meal I have felt like the luckiest spectator, watching you change everyday. And I tell you everyday: I love your beautiful brain.

In July, you picked up Eric Carle's ABC book that you got for your first birthday and sat in my lap. What a beautiful design that your head fits perfectly under my chin right now. We flipped through the pages of the book and I gave names to most of the letters based on people you knew. In two days - two days! - you remembered all of the names and letters. We got you a set of foam letters to play with in the bathtub and you could pick up letters that we named. And a day hasn't passed since that you haven't carried a letter with you for most of the day.

Your next request for learning was colors. Purple first, then blue, yellow, green, red, black, white.

So if this is how it is to be than yes, you lead the way. I will be right here ready to help and open and turn. Your brain is a beautiful thing and it is serving you so well so far.

After 7 years in the classroom this is by far my favorite teaching job. Although these lesson plans are so much easier.

Love love love,

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