Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Same Old Story

I came across this story today about Maude Callen, a midwife in rural South Carolina in the 1950s. The photographs - originally published in LIFE in 1951 - tell a story so incredible that it inspired readers to donate more than $20,000 that was used to set up a clinic.

When I came to this picture, I started crying.

I've said it before, but on the day of Eddy's birth I felt a completely primal connection to thousands of years of women before me. And though I was the only one with the physical power to push, there was an extraordinary network surrounding me that sure did help will that big-headed baby out.

I am in love with this image. I've been there. I know the trust that this woman had placed in Mrs. Callen. I think I may just start a hunt for the original LIFE magazine so that I can hold these images in my hands.

I showed this picture to Tim and he said, "Oh wow. That does look just like you looked."

I love that after all this time - barring emergencies - when it works, it works.


See the full gallery of W. Eugene Smith's photo essay here.

And I am still so thankful for alison eden. My friend gave me the gift of being able to relive that day any time I wish.

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