Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Johnny and Rachel

Eddy and I have developed a routine over the past 6 months that I love. We have a spot and sometimes we take other people to our spot but mostly it is ours.

Our spot is La Cocina de Consuelo and it has the most delicious breakfast burritos in Austin. Maybe anywhere. Whoa.

If booze-soaking grease is what you're looking for, La Cocina won't cut it. I don't judge. Once upon a time that's what I was looking for. The burritos are big enough to share - Eddy and I share 2 and never finish - and they are stuffed with home-cooked-tasting goodness that leave you feeling satisfied and never heavy. And the best thing - the best thing - is that their tortillas are homemade. I've watched them roll the dough. It's a rarity here in Austin and it's a game changer.

For  m o n t h s, Eddy and I came here at least twice a week. We walked in each time, smiley and overly excited for our breakfast. We order 2: a Johnny (bean, egg, cheese, and potato) and a Rachel (potato, egg, and beautifully ripe avocado every time) and the same man has taken our order every time. Besides Consuelo, "Connie", he's often times the only other person working.

Okay so like I said, at least twice a week for  m o n t h s  and the most I'd ever get out of this guy was "Would you like a copy of your receipt?" If you could hear me saying that right now you'd basically be hearing him saying it because I'm really good at impressions.

I've always wanted to have a spot where I could walk in and feel like a regular and I was beginning to think it was never going to happen.

AND THEN! one day, he asked me how old Eddy was. Probably way too excitedly, I responded "16 months!" And oh I didn't stop there. "Yeah, he's a pretty big boy but he's really started thinning out since he started walking." I could hear Tim saying, "Geez, he didn't ask for a history lesson."

This was actually something to call home about. I called my mom and told her that the burrito man finally talked to me about something other than my receipt!

This recharged our burrito-having experience. Sometimes we would even up our weekly toll to thrice a week.

Oh, it gets better. A few visits later, the burrito man made my dreams come true when he uttered the words, "Do you want your regular?"


Around mid-June, they hung signs up around the store saying that they would be on vacation from July 1-July 8. On the last day of June, we savored our burritos that would have to sustain us through a very long week and wished them a good vacation! on our way out the door.

Totally not caring if it seemed eager, we showed up on July 9 and ordered a Johnny and a Rachel to go.

This is where things get real good.

As he handed me my bag, our burrito man said:

Have a good day, Kacie.


I mean, obviously he just looked at my credit card but hey.

Dreams. For real. This is what dreams are made of.

For me, at least.

If you're in Austin, get on over there. Tell 'em Kacie sent you.

No, don't don't. That makes me so nervous. I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Oh my gosh, what if one day Eddy and I get a burrito named after us on the menu?? Okay now I am getting ahead of myself.


  1. Consuelo's of one of our favorite places too! I always get 2 Rachel's on whole wheat and never finish them. Amira like the tortillas mostly, but sometimes I can get her to eat some of the eggs too. We should meet up there sometime. :-)

  2. love love love. i love how you adore E.

  3. I am glad I get to tag along sometimes.

  4. i can relate to the wanting to be a regular a little more than is healthy thing. there's a little beach town i spend a bunch of time at because my mom has a house there and i'm a teacher so I have lots of time off, and i feel like i get the most ridiculous smile anytime one of the coffee shop guys gives me the local discount. if they knew how much that quarter off meant to me we would all be embarrassed.


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