Friday, June 28, 2013

Stay Cool, Part I

I posted a story yesterday that was on my mind and on my heart. I know that my story is not unique and that countless other families have felt the pain of loss. I am incredibly thankful for supportive friends and overwhelmed by kind words from strangers. My hope was not to change the minds of anyone but to offer a perspective that isn't always considered in political battles.

I'm generally not comfortable talking about politics; I think it draws unnecessary lines between people. I shared my story - one I've held onto for a long time and considered sharing - because it felt right.

Today, I'll get back to what I do know: pictures of my kid.


I've lived in Texas all of my life. I've endured every summer and every summer I say the same thing: I can't believe how hot it is.

I think I've found my solution to staying cool: have a kid.

This kid of mine won't stand for lying on the couch in front of a fan all day. I am forced to get outside and find a cool spot. Twist my arm.

Our spot on Monday was Casey's New Orleans Snowballs, Papa's request for his birthday dessert.

It was cold. It was fluffy. It was delicious.

A Boston Cream Pie snowball with house-made chocolate? Whodda thunk.

It's supposed to be 105° today so we're searching for a new spot. Any suggestions?

can you stand this kid's style? shirt available here and his oh so cool braided bracelets can be found at flourish leather.


  1. His little shorts are adorable! He looks like a little man.

  2. Love it! we are the same way- anywhere to cool off! have you been to bull creek at lakewood off of 360? it's one of my favorite spots! (gets crazy on weekend afternoons, but mornings are glorious, and i'm sure weekdays are where its at.)

  3. ohhhh way too cute!! adore the chucks!


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