Wednesday, June 19, 2013

24/52 and 25/52

A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013.

The Stop takin' my pitcha picture. It's bound to happen at least once a week.


And there isn't much that is arty about this photograph but to me it's beautiful. These are Eddy's great grandparents who have been married for 74 years in a few weeks. They are so incredible to be around that our hearts are full every time we leave their house.


  1. Oh! Wow 74 years, that is amazing I would love to hear how they got together and how they stay together.

  2. oh these are so wonderful. I love the sweetness of the first and the oh so poignant memory making of the second. to be married that long is a triumph of the human spirit! beautiful!

  3. Just adore that second photo! What a precious memory captured.

  4. Oh wow ... the top photo is utterly gorgeous ... but the bottom one is just extra special ... I'm sure you'll treasure it forever :0)

  5. how sweet! you will treasure the photo with the great grandparents for many years to come i'm sure

  6. is Eddy wearing a mamacase Texas shirt??? I NEED!!!!


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