Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Eddy, Month 16

Dear Eddy,

Tomorrow you will be 17 months old. In a month you will be a year and half old. That's how some people say that age: a year and a half. And in a moment's time, you will be two. Oof.

My boy. My big boy. You are growing up in so many ways but are still very much a baby. You prefer to walk up stairs all by yourself but still want to hold my hand to go down them. You could tromp around the house all morning, testing out toys, but you stop to take breaks every now and then, backing up to sit in my lap. You explore playgrounds solo lately, studying big kids and taking daring steps, but you always look to me when you go down the slide, anticipating my applause. Growing into the very coolest kid I've ever known. My big little boy.

I've been very busy lately - which is good, so good. MamaCase Prints has taken over our dining room table which means that people are buying tiny tees.

Around the time that this all started, I promised that I would try to do the bulk of my work while you sleep. This has turned into a lot of work. It occurred to me recently that the only time I sit down on most days is when I drive or help put you to sleep.

For a minute, this resting time stressed me out. I would lie down with you and if it took longer than normal, seconds would audibly tick by in my head and my long list of things to do didn't shrink at all.

But then I remembered to do the number one thing that I've learned to do to make this parenting gig easier: breathe.

No matter how busy I am and how long my list is, there are two times a day that I can count on quiet. As I nurse you to sleep there is nothing else I can do but be still and available and I have learned to be grateful for that time. Very grateful. As much as I have to do there is nowhere I'd rather be than still with you.

Thank you for the guarantee of quiet time everyday. It is so needed and appreciated.

August, 2012 captured by alison eden

Growing, growing, and growing. Everyday. Not too fast.




  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous post. and that photo is such a treasure. i don't have ONE image of me breastfeeding and it makes me so sad. i loved those sweet eyes locking with mine.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo. So perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the eye contact in your feeding image, just gorgeous!

  4. That photo sums up mamahood, doesn't it? BEAUTIFUL. Your words especially.

  5. Lovely post and I am in love with that photo, it so perfectly captures the lovely moments of a nursing relationship. <3


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