Saturday, May 18, 2013


A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2013.

This is how I will remember Mother's Day, 2013: pretty peacock colors and a little boy that always says, "Uhpp!"

A break would be nice. A nap. A massage. Sure, those things would be nice but why not spend the day with the one that gave me this day, the one that calls me, "Mama!"

This is better than a nap anyway. Way better.

Last week, I swooned over this sweet pair peeking through colorful balls. And I'm absolutely in love with these sisters, one so cheeky and the other so new.

Thanks, as always, to Jodi.


  1. Gorgeous! Love this shot of your little man. perfection. xo

  2. Lovely photo...I can just head him saying up!

  3. How could you not want to spend your day with such a gorgeous little man?

  4. Aw such a sweet little face!

  5. You can tell just how much he loves you by the expression in his face ... it's beautiful :0)

  6. I'm no stranger to the "up please mama!" ... Doesn't it melt your heart? Your little boy is beyond handsome. Still can't get over his wide range of expressions already!


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