Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Today, our sweet girl turns 7.

photo by the incredible alison eden.

I have this tendency to look at the glass as half-empty when it comes to my time with Lucy. Since around the time she turned 5, I've been ever aware of the fact that our time together is finite. I can't even type that last sentence without getting a painful lump in my throat.

Before Eddy was born, people would tell us to get ready to move her to the back burner as our hearts and minds and attention would now be filled with a new number one. There is no question that Eddy has been the star of our family for almost 16 months but our love for Lucy has not diminished one bit. If anything, it has grown fathoms deeper. I love her so much it hurts sometimes.

It hurts because I'm not sure if she knows what I mean when I tell her, "I love you." I'm not sure if she can tell how warm it makes me when she rests her head on my feet in bed. I don't think she knows how my hearts swells when I walk in the door and she is so happy that she can hardly contain herself.

I just have to trust that she feels loved. And it is my job to make sure that she feels that everyday.

When my parents moved out of my childhood home when I was in college, I was packing up my room and came across a sketch I'd drawn in elementary school of a boxer pup. It made me smile at the time but now I know that she's the dog I dreamed up as a kid. Talking with another dog owner at the park, he told me that if you're lucky, you get that one dog in your life that doesn't even fit into the 'pet' category. He called them "ethereal beings". I like that. He gets it.

Some people might think that this all a bit much but we don't feel that way at all. She is our first born. She is my best friend.

Okay, mush overload. Click here for some relief. But keep the tissue near because the end'll getcha.

I've decided to shift my mentality for Lucy's birthday this year. Instead of mourning the loss of another year, I'm going to be thankful for the years I've spent with her.

She's been on this earth for 7 years. I've been loving her for just as long.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. Today is yours. You name the park.


  1. Happy Birthday Lucy!

  2. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

    (I get it too, Wonderful post) :)

  3. Happy belated birthday to your girl.

    I understand these feelings all too well. My own oldest gal turned 8 this past February and it's hard to ever imagine a day without her in our home. I've felt this way for such a long spell and it's such a strange feeling, thinking so far ahead when things have just began. Here's to many many more years with your Lucy Love.

    1. And to your gal, too. We're lucky to have found such good friends.


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