Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Schweaty Yoga

I did sweaty yoga for the first time tonight. It was also the first time I had done non-baby yoga - whether prenatal or postnatal - in years.

Here's what you need to know about sweaty yoga if you've never been:IT'S REALLY SWEATY.

I didn't know the bottoms of my feet could sweat but apparently they can. And it seems so funny for someone to have to remind you to breathe but when the instructor did, I vehemently exhaled every time.

My friend, Sara, and I got there early enough to take our pick of seating and she asked if I wanted to sit in front of the mirror. I snorted, "NO!" She agreed that it would be best to not see ourselves wobbling and struggling.

When I'm not in front of the mirror, I can pretend that I probably look like this:

When I actually probably look like this:

Who out there remembers this episode of Bethenny Ever After? Aw geez. Cable, how do I miss thee?

The good thing is that when I'm prepared to sweat I'm totally okay with sweating. It's when I'm at a wedding in fancy clothes and makeup that sweating really makes me come unglued. This was a really, REALLY good sweat.

I feel like a bowl of Jello right now and I'm certain that I will melt into the bed.

Can't wait to go back.

OH! And my homemade deodorant that my good friend, Ali, made me stood the test. My pits were as fresh as ever. Maybe I'll rub it on my whole body before I go next time.

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  1. I love hot yoga! I usually hate sweating but you're right, this is definitely a good kind of sweat! It's so refreshing (in an ironic sort of way) and you always feel so good after you're done!


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