Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mind the Head

At least once a week, Tim asks me what my favorite thing about him is.

My answer is always the same: your head.

The follow-up question is always, "What do you like about my head?"

Allow me to explain the following diagram.

1. That right there is the single best head of hair I have ever seen on a man in real life. Ever. Period. It is thick, wavy, a great color, and I do believe that he has passed it on to Eddy.

2. Beyond that forehead with lightly etched wrinkles is his brain. This is a brain that I fell in love with. This is a brain that loves me. It makes me laugh. It knows what kind of foods I like. It is a damn good gift giver. It is patient. It is helpful. It is good at its job. It is open to new ideas. It is cool. It is nonchalant. This is a brain that holds more pointless information about random movie and song trivia than any other I know. It's a good brain. I like it.

3. These are eyes that are sometimes green, sometimes hazel. Another magnificent thing that he has passed on to Eddy.

*Not pictured but oh so important: The Beard. Tim has only had this beard for about 2 years. I fell in love with a beardless man but was intrigued by the change. I now love the beard. Every once in a while, he threatens to shave it off and I not-so-calmly talk him down off that ledge. I loooove it. It totally suits him: manly and burly. It is mostly reddish with a few flecks of gray. I love a few flecks of gray. Eddy loves the beard, too. It makes a great handle.

This head. It is my favorite thing about Tim for obvious and subtle reasons.

It is big and I love it so.


  1. Oh this is a swoon alert. Well swoon for you & fun sweet smiles for us to read about it! lucky me to have found your little corner of the internet. xo

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