Friday, April 19, 2013

Dear Eddy, 15 Months

Dear Eddy,

Seeing as how we're a few days away from month 16, I figured I better go ahead and write you a 15 month letter.

We went to Dallas last weekend to celebrate your great-grandpa Waymon's 98th birthday. That is an amazing thing for anyone to be able to say and I hope you will always understand just how incredible this man is. We didn't give just you any old, regular middle name after all. We gave you his name and we gave it to you because if you get even the tiniest piece of who he is then you will do great things. I have no doubt about that.

Waymon's 97th birthday, 2012

While we were hanging out with family, we spent time talking with Papa's cousin, Bonnie, who has 3 kids of her own that are in high school and college. She has an incredible relationship with her kids - one that I hope to have with you someday - and I learn a lot from her even though we only see her a few times a year. She is cool without really trying. You can tell that she loves her kids endlessly and would do anything for them but this love is in no way smothering. And because of all of this, her kids seem to really like her.

After Waymon's birthday party, a few people scattered. Bonnie's oldest son wasn't around in the evening and when we asked where he was, she told us that he had gone to run a few errands to get camping equipment. My immediate thought was, "Oh, that's funny that they don't run all of their errands together. I wonder if she misses him right now." Her oldest son is nearly 21 so of course this isn't weird at all but at this current stage of our lives, you and me are constant companions, going everywhere together. I'd miss you like nuts if you went to run errands without me.

The next day, we met the same crew for lunch and as we said our goodbyes, Bonnie chased you around the sidewalk and told us that she misses being the coolest person in her kids' lives. This made my face turn into a real-life sad face emoticon.

She used just the right words. Right now I am the coolest person in your life. Not only can I give you everything you need, like food and clean diapers, but I also know exactly how to make you laugh. I know just what can make you stop crying. I know what each of your favorite toys are and what they do. I know what your favorite food is and the song that'll always make you dance.

I'm your everything. And you show me all day that you think I'm cool.

I remember what it was like to be a teenager. Papa and I have had conversations about whether it's inevitable that we will embarrass you when you're older. I think the answer is yes. No, I know that the answer is yes. The same things that make you laugh now will make you roll your eyes in a decade.

And that's okay. I'm pretty tough. I'm pretty confident. I know that you love me.

Just know that I love you. Endlessly. And, if you're reading this as a teenager, remember that I used to be the coolest person you knew. I used to be able to make silly faces and funny sounds that would send you over the edge.

Even if someday I am not the coolest person you know, trust me when I tell you that I was.


Don't forget where all your cool came from, kid.

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  1. you never cease to amaze me. waymon #1 will love this. love you miss case.


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