Friday, April 5, 2013

Camping with kids, part II

You know how right after you planned your wedding you thought, "Man, I'm really good at this. I should plan weddings!" No? How about right after you had a baby and you thought, "Man, I'm really good at this. I should be a doula!" Anybody? Okay, maybe it's just me...

Well, I'm doing it again. In my adult, plan-meals-myself life, I've been camping, like, 5 times so I'm totally an expert now.

A c t u a l l y --- I googled and compiled and learned by watching and have put together a checklist that I for real used to pack tonight. My friend, Sara, and I were fortunate enough to camp with some truly awesome women last time and we were inspired. So inspired in fact that we are back at it one month later.

The last/first time Tim and I went camping together, our family looked like this:

And this gal doesn't require diapers or pajamas or butt cream. Nope, all this gal needs is a cozy, warm spot to rest her bones.

So here's the list:

For this trip, we will have four families over 2 nights. We have decided to do family style dinners as a whole group and then breakfast and lunch with our own packs. We will have tacos on our first night and chili on our second, pancakes and cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch.

One thing we hastily forgot to do last time was secure our food before going to bed. We woke up to find minimal damage - one avocado and been ripped open and eaten, save the pit - but we will make sure it is locked tight and in a safe spot this time.

This list could very well change after this trip and will certainly change as our families grow and change.

And we're out! See you on Sunday with dirt under my fingernails!


  1. Great list!! I notice duct tape is on there twice... what do you use it for!? Have a good trip... x

    1. Oooo - good eye, Lou! :) Did you see that I said I also had diapers on there 3 times? Can't be too prepared.

      I feel like duct tape is a good fix-all to have around. It patches holes, hold trash bags up, we can use it to string lights, tape mouths shut... jk :)

  2. I totally feelya on the trying to turn everything into a job. I host a good party and all the sudden I'm dreaming of being an event planner. Great list. I love camping with my kids even if it is just next to our car.

    1. It really is great. A lot of work but I was glad to discover that it was totally worth it.

  3. Definitely bookmarking this. We have been meaning to take Sofia camping - might have to take a year off because of brand new baby, but next year is looking hopeful!

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