Saturday, April 27, 2013


 A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Post-nap on a cloudy day. 

When you get a long enough nap, you are the happiest guy when you wake up. I cracked the door so that you could let yourself out of our room whenever you were ready and went back to working in the dining room. I heard you rolling around for a few minutes, then the door creaked open and you shuffled around the corner making the sign for 'please' (your new favorite). This is how you ask for milk now. And you know it works every time because it's just so dang sweet.

I adored these shots from last week of Ada and Eloise. And check out these nakey bums!

Inspired this week by Jodi and her eye for light.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's {almost} the freakin' weekend, baby.

I hope you have yourselves some fun.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mind the Head

At least once a week, Tim asks me what my favorite thing about him is.

My answer is always the same: your head.

The follow-up question is always, "What do you like about my head?"

Allow me to explain the following diagram.

1. That right there is the single best head of hair I have ever seen on a man in real life. Ever. Period. It is thick, wavy, a great color, and I do believe that he has passed it on to Eddy.

2. Beyond that forehead with lightly etched wrinkles is his brain. This is a brain that I fell in love with. This is a brain that loves me. It makes me laugh. It knows what kind of foods I like. It is a damn good gift giver. It is patient. It is helpful. It is good at its job. It is open to new ideas. It is cool. It is nonchalant. This is a brain that holds more pointless information about random movie and song trivia than any other I know. It's a good brain. I like it.

3. These are eyes that are sometimes green, sometimes hazel. Another magnificent thing that he has passed on to Eddy.

*Not pictured but oh so important: The Beard. Tim has only had this beard for about 2 years. I fell in love with a beardless man but was intrigued by the change. I now love the beard. Every once in a while, he threatens to shave it off and I not-so-calmly talk him down off that ledge. I loooove it. It totally suits him: manly and burly. It is mostly reddish with a few flecks of gray. I love a few flecks of gray. Eddy loves the beard, too. It makes a great handle.

This head. It is my favorite thing about Tim for obvious and subtle reasons.

It is big and I love it so.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Schweaty Yoga

I did sweaty yoga for the first time tonight. It was also the first time I had done non-baby yoga - whether prenatal or postnatal - in years.

Here's what you need to know about sweaty yoga if you've never been:IT'S REALLY SWEATY.

I didn't know the bottoms of my feet could sweat but apparently they can. And it seems so funny for someone to have to remind you to breathe but when the instructor did, I vehemently exhaled every time.

My friend, Sara, and I got there early enough to take our pick of seating and she asked if I wanted to sit in front of the mirror. I snorted, "NO!" She agreed that it would be best to not see ourselves wobbling and struggling.

When I'm not in front of the mirror, I can pretend that I probably look like this:

When I actually probably look like this:

Who out there remembers this episode of Bethenny Ever After? Aw geez. Cable, how do I miss thee?

The good thing is that when I'm prepared to sweat I'm totally okay with sweating. It's when I'm at a wedding in fancy clothes and makeup that sweating really makes me come unglued. This was a really, REALLY good sweat.

I feel like a bowl of Jello right now and I'm certain that I will melt into the bed.

Can't wait to go back.

OH! And my homemade deodorant that my good friend, Ali, made me stood the test. My pits were as fresh as ever. Maybe I'll rub it on my whole body before I go next time.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


 A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

This is a magic weekend in Austin. This same weekend last year, we attended 2 weddings in one day and I remember the wedding guests talking about how meteorologists had said it was the most "perfect" weather of the year.

We are having a repeat of it this year - low humidity, warm in the sun and cool in the shade. T-shirts during the day and jackets at night. It's dreamy.

If you aren't outside this weekend, Austin, you're missing out.

My favorites from last week were this one of a family on the verge of adding one more and these - so bright and happy.

Joining in with Jodi yet again.

Friday, April 19, 2013


This week, we are both obsessed with this:

In the car, in the grocery store, at the dinner table, through the bathroom door. This is currently your favorite game. And when anyone else tries to play you give them the stinkiest little look.


Obsessed. Both of us.

Eddy! and Mama!

Dear Eddy, 15 Months

Dear Eddy,

Seeing as how we're a few days away from month 16, I figured I better go ahead and write you a 15 month letter.

We went to Dallas last weekend to celebrate your great-grandpa Waymon's 98th birthday. That is an amazing thing for anyone to be able to say and I hope you will always understand just how incredible this man is. We didn't give just you any old, regular middle name after all. We gave you his name and we gave it to you because if you get even the tiniest piece of who he is then you will do great things. I have no doubt about that.

Waymon's 97th birthday, 2012

While we were hanging out with family, we spent time talking with Papa's cousin, Bonnie, who has 3 kids of her own that are in high school and college. She has an incredible relationship with her kids - one that I hope to have with you someday - and I learn a lot from her even though we only see her a few times a year. She is cool without really trying. You can tell that she loves her kids endlessly and would do anything for them but this love is in no way smothering. And because of all of this, her kids seem to really like her.

After Waymon's birthday party, a few people scattered. Bonnie's oldest son wasn't around in the evening and when we asked where he was, she told us that he had gone to run a few errands to get camping equipment. My immediate thought was, "Oh, that's funny that they don't run all of their errands together. I wonder if she misses him right now." Her oldest son is nearly 21 so of course this isn't weird at all but at this current stage of our lives, you and me are constant companions, going everywhere together. I'd miss you like nuts if you went to run errands without me.

The next day, we met the same crew for lunch and as we said our goodbyes, Bonnie chased you around the sidewalk and told us that she misses being the coolest person in her kids' lives. This made my face turn into a real-life sad face emoticon.

She used just the right words. Right now I am the coolest person in your life. Not only can I give you everything you need, like food and clean diapers, but I also know exactly how to make you laugh. I know just what can make you stop crying. I know what each of your favorite toys are and what they do. I know what your favorite food is and the song that'll always make you dance.

I'm your everything. And you show me all day that you think I'm cool.

I remember what it was like to be a teenager. Papa and I have had conversations about whether it's inevitable that we will embarrass you when you're older. I think the answer is yes. No, I know that the answer is yes. The same things that make you laugh now will make you roll your eyes in a decade.

And that's okay. I'm pretty tough. I'm pretty confident. I know that you love me.

Just know that I love you. Endlessly. And, if you're reading this as a teenager, remember that I used to be the coolest person you knew. I used to be able to make silly faces and funny sounds that would send you over the edge.

Even if someday I am not the coolest person you know, trust me when I tell you that I was.


Don't forget where all your cool came from, kid.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


 A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Austin Beerworks brewery is close to our house and they host a happy hour on Fridays. We joined some friends there and, well, let's just say that the night ended with shirts off.

Things actually didn't get too crazy. Shirts came off to recreate this picture taken almost exactly a year ago. Same chubby baby, same mean mug.

We ended up in the parking lot where the kids could move around. Eddy's friend, Hazel, and her parents came out. Hazel is 3 days younger than Eddy. Things started off touch-and-go for Ed. He took a while to warm up to everyone but by the end, he was belly out and cruising.

It's the freakin' weekend, baby.

Friday, April 12, 2013


This week, I'm obsessed with stats.

Between this giveaway on Instagram, a huge boost in sales, and very cool people linking to the blog, I've become a total stats fiend. Bloggers and Etsy shop owners out there - I'm not the only one, right?

Holy moly, y'all. It's addictive.

If you were a fly on my iPhone screen then you'd be huge and annoying but this is what you'd see me doing for the last 2 days:

Whoa. Worst selfie taker right here. Ask me how many takes this took. No, don't

It's super awesome and would be totally impossible without the help of some good friends.

Don't worry. I'm trying my hardest to do the bulk of my obsessing during Ed's naps.

And this week, Eddy is obsessed with Lucy.

When he wakes up from his nap, I can hear him lying in bed saying, "Deedee", which is how he says Lucy right now. After saying her name a few times, he'll start making a panting sound which is what he does when we ask him what dogs say.

Do you think he dreams about her? Or is he just so excited to see her when he wakes up that he starts talking about her?

He tries no less than 15 times a day to lie next to her in her bed or on the couch and she will only tolerate it for a few seconds. She's pretty skittish when it comes to that kind of stuff and doesn't love kids climbing on her. I've told her that I'd rather her get up if she's uncomfortable than do anything else so she's doing the right thing in my opinion. Smart gal.

He got down from his high chair after dinner 2 nights ago and followed her around for 5 minutes, letting out the deepest of belly laughs as she wagged her tail and stopped and wagged and stopped. Do you think she likes making him laugh as much as we do?

Things are good right now and we are thankful. And obsessed.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big things happening!

We had a banner day over here at mamacase prints!

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you've seen this great giveaway that Lauren from the little things we do... is helping me host. We will draw a random winner that will get their pick of 3 shirts from my Etsy shop. Exciting!

Lauren also featured her sweet daughter, Fern, wearing a Best Friends shirt with her own little bestie, Poppy, over on the Disney Baby blog. Can you even stand the cuteness?

I just love the thought of little kiddos from Florida to Canada toddling around and getting messy in their mamacase prints! Fills my heart.

And thank you to everyone that has reposted the contest picture!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Today, our sweet girl turns 7.

photo by the incredible alison eden.

I have this tendency to look at the glass as half-empty when it comes to my time with Lucy. Since around the time she turned 5, I've been ever aware of the fact that our time together is finite. I can't even type that last sentence without getting a painful lump in my throat.

Before Eddy was born, people would tell us to get ready to move her to the back burner as our hearts and minds and attention would now be filled with a new number one. There is no question that Eddy has been the star of our family for almost 16 months but our love for Lucy has not diminished one bit. If anything, it has grown fathoms deeper. I love her so much it hurts sometimes.

It hurts because I'm not sure if she knows what I mean when I tell her, "I love you." I'm not sure if she can tell how warm it makes me when she rests her head on my feet in bed. I don't think she knows how my hearts swells when I walk in the door and she is so happy that she can hardly contain herself.

I just have to trust that she feels loved. And it is my job to make sure that she feels that everyday.

When my parents moved out of my childhood home when I was in college, I was packing up my room and came across a sketch I'd drawn in elementary school of a boxer pup. It made me smile at the time but now I know that she's the dog I dreamed up as a kid. Talking with another dog owner at the park, he told me that if you're lucky, you get that one dog in your life that doesn't even fit into the 'pet' category. He called them "ethereal beings". I like that. He gets it.

Some people might think that this all a bit much but we don't feel that way at all. She is our first born. She is my best friend.

Okay, mush overload. Click here for some relief. But keep the tissue near because the end'll getcha.

I've decided to shift my mentality for Lucy's birthday this year. Instead of mourning the loss of another year, I'm going to be thankful for the years I've spent with her.

She's been on this earth for 7 years. I've been loving her for just as long.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. Today is yours. You name the park.

Monday, April 8, 2013


 A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Annoyed that I couldn't move the focal point from my toes to his face but oh well.

Ahh, the futility of a nap in a tent. Trees blowing, sun shining, way too much to look at. 

This happened on my belly for close to an hour before I raised the white flag. He managed to nap for about 30 minutes in the stroller during a walk and we considered that enough.

You can't say we didn't try.

One of my favorite shots from last week was this one by Ms. Emily Jane. That boy has eyes like the ocean. And I also loved these. I really can't get enough of that new baby.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Camping with kids, part II

You know how right after you planned your wedding you thought, "Man, I'm really good at this. I should plan weddings!" No? How about right after you had a baby and you thought, "Man, I'm really good at this. I should be a doula!" Anybody? Okay, maybe it's just me...

Well, I'm doing it again. In my adult, plan-meals-myself life, I've been camping, like, 5 times so I'm totally an expert now.

A c t u a l l y --- I googled and compiled and learned by watching and have put together a checklist that I for real used to pack tonight. My friend, Sara, and I were fortunate enough to camp with some truly awesome women last time and we were inspired. So inspired in fact that we are back at it one month later.

The last/first time Tim and I went camping together, our family looked like this:

And this gal doesn't require diapers or pajamas or butt cream. Nope, all this gal needs is a cozy, warm spot to rest her bones.

So here's the list:

For this trip, we will have four families over 2 nights. We have decided to do family style dinners as a whole group and then breakfast and lunch with our own packs. We will have tacos on our first night and chili on our second, pancakes and cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch.

One thing we hastily forgot to do last time was secure our food before going to bed. We woke up to find minimal damage - one avocado and been ripped open and eaten, save the pit - but we will make sure it is locked tight and in a safe spot this time.

This list could very well change after this trip and will certainly change as our families grow and change.

And we're out! See you on Sunday with dirt under my fingernails!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Drizzly, Sunny Easter

Last year, our 4 month old babe that slept all the time was easy enough to take to church  (where he slept the whole time) and was content while we cooked an Easter brunch (because he slept the whole time).

This year, our day looked completely different because our 15 month old dude never stops moving and wants to be a part of all of the action. The Easter Bunny brought him a few of his favorite books that we've gotten from the library in the past - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Ollie the Stomper - and we started the morning with a little egg hunt in our backyard. His BonBon had given him a lesson on finding eggs while we were in Houston last weekend so he knew what to do.

After cleaning up and putting on is Easter best - styled head to toe by his Cookie - we walked down the street where a church was hosting a petting zoo.

Eddy's favorite animal right now is a duck ("Duh duh duh duh!") so he went straight for them. He was totally tickled be every little creature and was so gentle. While he crouched down to pet a bunny, a baby pig came approached him and we were all squealing. It was an explosion of cuteness.

The animals were all surprisingly mellow, with the exception of one grouchy goose, which is hopefully because they are so used to being around humans. The baby goats were so obscenely adorable that I almost shoved one under my shirt to bring home for Lucy. I caught a picture of one nibbling on the hem of a girl's dress. There's a reason they're called kids.

After a family nap, we went to our friends', Sara and Richie's, house to grill and hunt for more eggs. After about 30 minutes, it started to drizzle steadily but the thing about Austin is that it rains so infrequently here that nobody seems to care. We just carried on, knowing that our hair would get a little frizzy and our kids would be filthy at the end of the day.

It was a gray day turned steamy and sunny. We filled our bellies, kids splashed in puddles, and it was a celebration.

You know it was a good party when you look like this by the end:

Happy Easter!