Monday, March 18, 2013

SXSW 2013

I am such a sucker for the kids + music combo.

When I took Eddy to his first music class before he was three months old, I lied him on top of a giant drum and tears welled up as he squirmed like a cockroach on his back. He was feeling the music.

Every year that I was a teacher, a Jazz group would come perform for our students. During one of the performances, that kid that has to be close to the teacher at all times sat knee to knee with me on the cafeteria floor. When the kick drum and the standing bass played, he turned to me and said, "Ms. Case, I can feel it in my heart." Boom: tears.

Austin was the center of the universe for just a bit last week during SXSW. For the last 4 years or so, I've had the most gigantic, self-important, shiny badge that you could have - one of the perks Tim gets for working his butt off during the month of March. This year, I opted out of the badge knowing that my pace was much different than it was last year when I had a 2 and half month old chicken nugget that slept all the time and only needed a boob.

We moved at a much more relaxed pace this year, just fine with getting there when we got there. Our favorite spot to post up was Hotel San Jose, which hosts free shows all day. With the exception of Saturday night, there was always ample room for Eddy to cruise around the crowd and make friends. We also caught a few morning shows at the W and the Four Seasons. The entire time, Eddy did not stop moving, whether it was through the crowd or standing in one spot, bobbing up and down. He learned how to drop it pretty, pretty low last week and I have to believe that my former students would be pretty, pretty impressed (cue Larry David voice   ).

Every night, he dunked into his pre-bed bath covered in parking lot dust from head to toe. And totally happy.

My favorite moment of the week was captured in my 11/52 picture - he found the source of that sweet, sweet sound and didn't want to let go.

I think he felt it in his heart.

Look, Ma! I made a .gif!

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  1. This is beautiful! I was just talking to my Grandmother the other day and she said that when she was a 12mth old she would sometimes burst into anguished tears for no apparent reason and my great-grandmother Elsie could not figure out the reason, until she realised it happened every time a particular sad song came on. There were musicians in the family so Elsie began teaching Grandma to play the piano at a very young age, and her musical alphabet along with the proper alphabet because she knew from 12 months that Grandma had music sensibilities. Kids experiencing music is definitely a joy to watch x

  2. I love your posts and all the pics of that curly head!!!

  3. Sounds like you felt your heart too! :)


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