Sunday, March 3, 2013

Say Thank You Sunday

It's been a few weeks since we said thank you and that's just crazy, y'all!

Things are good over here. We have a little walker now that is so obsessed with his new found skill that he skipped his nap today to practice practice practice! AND he thinks his new bedtime should be 10:00 so that he can make the most of each day. Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

This week, we are thankful for:

our walker
Franklin Barbecue - I don't often salivate looking at pictures of food but I am right now.
blue skies
kite-flying wind
Lucy's health
big dreams
Skype bedtime stories
packages in the mail
wide open spaces
running into friends
new t-shirt designs - coming soon!

playground date with aunt katie, poor lou post-op, sunburst//sweet sweater, all in one hand, walkin' y'all, franklin bbq, handsome boy, family friday, growing boys need their rest

It's March! Yahoo!


  1. That BBQ looks delicious. I bet you are having lots of fun chasing the little man around now he is walking! I have that to look forward to with my youngest, but for now we are just at 'sitting' stage (almost). :o) Have a great day.

    Sarah x

  2. Walking?! I bet that is cuh-razy! Sounds so fun and love all the photos.

  3. Oh holy cuteness! What a sweet little (big) walking man:-) xoxo

  4. you did not just post a picture of franklin barbeque. and big red? i hate you right now. ;)

    1. after living over seas for a short time, a big red was the first thing i wanted when i came home :)

  5. I dont know what I'd do if Huck stayed up til 10, mamas need their rest too! Love your boy's curls!

    1. tonight was better - 9:00. hopefully easing our way back to normal.

  6. Your boy is gorgeous. I hope he settles into walking (and back into napping) smoothly.

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