Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Eddy, Month 14

Dear Eddy,

Sometime before your first birthday, your Uncle Matt was over at the house hanging out and he said, "Eddy's gonna be, like, the really nice kid in your 3rd grade class. The kid that everyone wants to be friends with. Remember that kid?"

Yep, I totally remember that kid. Through my years of teaching, I met a few of those kids. They're the ones that made me Christmas ornaments that I still hang on the tree every year.

I'm not sure exactly why your Uncle Matt said that. I'm guessing that he saw good character and a big heart beyond your chubby baby face.

I think about your future a lot, as all parents do, and I hope that you see a lot of success. When you're busy tinkering with wheels - your favorite thing to do right now - I always remark that maybe you'll be an engineer. When you play in your kitchen I wonder if someday you'll have your own restaurant. And when you throw me a ball with laser accuracy, I wonder if you'll play baseball.

I would love for any one of these scenarios to play out. I would love for you to be great at lots of things and to win awards and to know victory.

But there is something else that I want for you even more.

I hope that someday I go hoarse from cheering you to an exciting first place finish at your swim meet but more than that, I hope that you are nice to all of your classmates.

I hope that someday I get to snap pictures of you all dressed up for your first formal dance but more than that, I hope you are the kind of the person that will sit next to the new kid at lunch and turn them into a friend.

I hope that you are brave enough to try something that scares you but more than that, I hope that you are brave enough to stand up against a bully that is picking on someone that can't stick up for them self.

I hope that you know how to play an instrument so well that it makes people dance but more than that, I hope that you never make fun of people because they are different than you.

I hope that you have no fear as you stand in front of a crowd to deliver a speech but more than that, I hope that you never follow the crowd when the crowd is doing something wrong.

I hope that you are cool because you are nice. I hope that you are well-liked because you are kind. I hope that you know how happy it can make you feel to help someone else. There may be times when this seems tough, when you feel pressure to act otherwise. Stay strong. It will be worth it and I will be proud of you.

I hope you are fast and sharp and funny and cool but more than all of this, I hope you are nice. I hope that you are the kid in 3rd grade (and beyond) that everyone wants to be friends with.

You are loved. You come from love and are surrounded by it at all times. That won't change.


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  1. Love this. I think Eddy has a great chance of having all of those qualities. Because both of his parents do! He has two great examples to learn from.

  2. Will you please stop putting all of my thoughts into such eloquent form? It's starting to freak me out :)

    Seriously...well written. I bet Eddy will be everything you hope he will be because you will raise him to be that way. Also, his smile makes me smile!

  3. how beautiful. Lucky to have found your corner! Love reading through your lines,thankyou for your sweet comment on my blog, following you back:)greetings from far away Germany,zu noni!

  4. Well shoot, that makes me a little teary. I'm sure he will be everything you want him to be and more. Anything is possible with the right love and guidance... and he's got that. So darn sweet.


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