Friday, February 22, 2013


This week, I am obsessed with your little hands.

We have logged some miles, practicing that first solo step that is oh so near. And ooo boy are you strong. You have the power in those tiny little fists to steer 2 adults on either side of you in whichever direction you please. You prefer to blaze your own trail, touching trees and closely inspecting the tiniest of flowers, for minutes upon minutes upon dozens of minutes.

That grip of yours seems to be just tight enough for you to remain steady but loose enough so that I feel I could let go of you at anytime but when I try you just squeeze harder.  

It is the exactly the amount of squeeze to send a lump up to my throat. I know that I will want you to hang on for longer than you'll need.

And this week, you are also obsessed with your same sweet hands. Not only are they soft and chubby and oh so important for balance and sustenance but there is also brilliance in those hands. You made your first sign ("milk") when you were 7 months old and now have your own version of about 7 signs. You have been signing "more" since about 8 months by clapping your hands together. A few days ago, you perfected the sign and started doing it exactly right.

More milk, more water, more laughing, and...


My other favorite sign of yours right now is "help" which I show you by making a thumbs up on top of an open, flat hand. You caught on right away and now ask for help opening, lifting, and turning by clapping a clawed hand against a flat hand.

Those hands of yours. I knew they were something good from the very first squeeze. And now they are helping you learn and grow.

Obsessed. Both of us.


  1. What a sweet post! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely adore your sweet photos and your son is so beautiful! You have a new follower too! :) So nice to meet you and I look forward to reading your blog!

  2. Beautiful photos, those little chubby hands are the cutest! Love that I have found your gorgeous blog. xo

  3. How special and sweet. Love that you cherish these moments that are so fleeting.

  4. So cool that you are doing baby sign! I did a very lazy attempt at baby sign, but didn't really persevere, maybe next time though. Good on you, and what beautiful little hands!

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  6. Those chubby little hands are a treat aren't they? I remember my boys using their sweet little hands to sign Please and More. So cute!


  7. Such sweet little hands. I have goals to teach Isadora sign language as well and this post has me really excited about that being in our future. :)


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