Friday, February 1, 2013


This week, I'm obsessed with this: (It may take a second to load but it's worth it. If it shows up blank, refresh. And there is only sound for about the first 25 seconds.)

You woke up at 1 am last night and just wanted to chat for a minute. My favorite jibber jabber right now is "whutah whutah whutah". About 10 seconds after I stopped recording this, you were back in Dreamland, snoring away.

And this week, you are obsessed with climbing.

We were playing in your toy room last weekend and I walked out of the room to wash my hands. I heard a weird sound that I didn't recognize (I pride myself on knowing what all of your toys sound like from the other room) so I walked back in to find you perfectly settled on top of your table. I thank Grandpa Gus for building such a sturdy, stable table. You were quite proud of your achievement and you have since worked on perfecting it everyday, attempting to climb anything and everything, even tiny wobbly toys that were definitely not made for climbing.

My daring, little billy goat. I'm in trouble.

Obsessed. Both of us.


  1. oh my goodness! my daughter has been starting to climb things too. so nerve wracking at times!

  2. Oh! I just adore the jibber jabber from precious little voices. And I love knowing what all the toys sound like too haha. Oh the mom life!


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