Sunday, January 13, 2013

Say Thank You Sunday

What a Sunday. I have been training since August for a half marathon and today I achieved my goal.

Along the run, I saw 4 signs about farts, a few more about Ryan Gosling, a couple of awesome dogs, a handful of familiar faces, and one Eddy boy.

I have compared running to childbirth before. I drew on that strength countless times today. I am thankful for friends and strangers that cheered me on to the finish line. I'm sure that both races and childbirth can be achieved without fanfare but it certainly helps. I have heard stories of mamas that have encountered naysayers during labor - nurses that laughed at their birth plans and doctors that told them that natural childbirth was unnecessary. I thought about that a lot today, about how easy it would be to quit if people were lining the race course shouting, "Hey! This is so silly! There is a much easier way to get to where you're going!" Running isn't for everyone and neither is natural childbirth but if it is the choice you make then I certainly hope that you feel nothing but support.

I worked hard today. I climbed hills and pushed at times when my body said to stop. It was all so familiar. The course was relatively downhill but in the last mile there were a few inclines that I wasn't expecting - or had conveniently ignored when studying the map. I powered up those hills rather than slowing down. I heard my midwife saying, "Keep pushing this time! When you feel like stopping just keep pushing! You're almost done!" And that is exactly what I did.

Because I am a mom I am stronger than ever. Just like I did right after Eddy was born, I thanked my body today for persevering when I pushed it beyond it's limits.

But I will say that pushing a baby out is still way harder than running for 2 hours and 10 minutes.

This week, we are thankful for:

our bodies - Tim ran too!
friends that run with us, push us, cheer us on, and watch our babies
a cold front
dance parties
four paws on the couch
post-race food
Tiff's Treats & Doritos
big boys playing with my little boy
early bedtime
cable free!!
Christmas lights down (2 years later)

asleep out of the car, our animal cheer squad, nerd/twins at the park, finish line, big boy at one year well baby visit, heart-shaped clementine, instafridge, cheeks screen print, oli is 2!

Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of something very good. Check back soon!


  1. OH WOW! Good for you, Your baby boy is as sweet as ever. Happy Sunday I hope you have a great week coming up <3

  2. It's great how you compare childbirth to running. When I was in labor, I imagined being on a track again racing to the finish. That's what got me to the end to fetch my prize - Averi Jo.

  3. What an inspiration you are!
    Looking forward to staying connected. Thank you for the follow and I'm happy to follow back!


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