Saturday, January 5, 2013

Put an egg on it

There is this out-of-this-world breakfast pizza served from a beautiful wood burning stove that sits atop a trailer at the Austin Farmer's Market. Perfect crust, aged cheddar, smoky bacon, and a glistening runny egg. You can pay a couple of extra bucks for an additional egg. A total bonanza in your mouth that unfortunately is only available on Saturdays (although they are on a break right now) and it sets you back $14. 4 skinny people could make a meal out of it, or 2 regular people like me and Tim.


We have recently become obsessed with the Central Market brand frozen pizza. After trying the Grilled Potatoes & Sauteed Onions variety, I told Tim that I thought I could get pretty close to the Farmer's Market pizza. Tonight I gave it a try.

1. While I let the oven heat to 475°, the pizza thawed a bit and I cooked my 3 slices of bacon in a pan until it was nearly done.

2. I topped my slightly less frozen pizza with the coarsely chopped bacon, cracked the eggs near the center, and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

3. The pizza cooks super fast - 7 minutes. Put your oven light on and judge whether it's done based on the eggs.

4. When the eggs look done, move that sucker out, slice it right through the yolk to let it do its beautiful thing, and scarf.

The very very best part of this meal - besides that it was AWESOME - is that the frozen pizza costs $5, you probably have eggs in your fridge, and if you buy a package of bacon you'll have some leftover for breakfast tacos! If you don't live in the lovely region of the world that has Central Market/HEB brand pizza, I'm sure you can find something just as delicious.

Elevate your stay-at-home dinner by putting an egg on your frozen pizza. Is there anything that isn't made better by a runny egg? Well, maybe a bowl of Lucky Charms.


  1. Hi from the blog hop! I love egg on my pizza! The first time I had this was at a restaurant and I should totally make this at home because it is so good!

  2. Ahhh!!! This is SUCH an Aussie thing! In Australia, anything that has an egg on it is an 'Aussie' so this would be classed as an Aussie pizza at Dominos. Yum!!! (although yours looks much better then Dominos!). Thanks for stopping by my blog, looking forward to reading more here :)


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