Saturday, January 26, 2013


This week, I'm obsessed with your arms.

You see, you've had these rubber band arms since you were just a new squirt, these arms with rolls and creases where there are no joints, and you still have them. With each month that passed in your first year I wondered if you were losing them soon but 13 months later they are as pudgy as ever. They are the perfect compliment to your round puppy belly.


And this week, you are obsessed with your tongue.


When you're in the mood you respond to the words, "Eddy, show me your tongue!" by poking it out over and over again like a little lizard. And you think it's HILARIOUS. I caught you doing it in the mirror hanging in front of your car seat yesterday and you were cracking yourself up so then I, of course, started cracking up.

My solution to the afternoon traffic blues: you.

Obsessed. Both of us.


  1. Sweet little creases. I love those too. :)

  2. Love his rolls. Is he still nursing? My son nursed to 27 mos and lost them just before we stopped. Sad day! He still has bit of a pudgy belly which I love. It goes so fast!

  3. too cute! love that phone case..
    xo c&e

  4. p.s - your photography is beautiful <3


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