Thursday, January 3, 2013

New people, Old people

We spent our morning with an old person and a brand new person.

Eddy and I drove to San Antonio to take my grandmother to an eye appointment. She has recently been moved into an assisted living facility and her memory is rapidly deteriorating. I have never been very close with her. She was never the kind of grandma that had warm cookies in the oven when we came over although, to her credit, she makes a Mexican breakfast like no other. Her forgetful, repetitive, almost childlike state makes her, if anything, more endearing to me.

It took about 20 minutes to simply get from the door of her apartment to the exit. She wanted to wear a different this and that, she forgot her something, she was just fidgety. Once we were in the lobby, Eddy turned on his old lady magnet. They flock to him, thankfully with smiles on their faces. It's amazing how every single one of them wants to hold his hand and he of course won't stop squirming. I love the contrast of his sweet, baby skin next to their weathered, papery skin. Opposite ends of the spectrum but both so soft. He offered up sweet smiles, made little chatty sounds, and then with the utmost urgency warned every one of them that the fire in the fireplace was "AH!" and made the sign for hot.

Our trip to the eye doctor consisted of a detour through Macy's - I parked in the dumbest, farthest away spot - where every 40% off!, 60% off!, a million % off! sign was placed at exactly tiny grandma height. Somewhere between 2 and 10 times I turned around to find her nowhere. I should mention that all the while I'm carrying my gargantuan child and a diaper bag and Grandma's purse because I forgot the stroller at home. Once out of Macy's, we still had a bit of hike. The Mallwalkers were majorly lapping us.

We eventually made it to the optometrist's office, Grandma was totally pleased with how her new glasses looked, and to keep her attention as we headed back to the car, I kept saying to Eddy, "Where's Grandma?" to which he would respond with a squeal. Grandma caught onto this game right away and they played the whole way back. This kid. My lifesaver. To prove that her new glasses worked, she read every sign during our drive: No money down! The Container Store! Military Highway! North, N-O-R-T-H! Adorable.

After we dropped Grandma off we headed to my cousin's house to meet her 6 day old baby. I love a house with a new baby. It is maybe the most peaceful place on Earth - warm, cozy, full of soft music and whirring sounds. The moment when they're that tiny passes in a blink that I don't even remember what it felt like. The transition still amazes me. He was inside of his mama a week ago and now he has room to stretch his limbs. Blows my mind. Besides being fuzzy and squishy and shaped just like a nugget, he is adorable and healthy and thriving. Perfection by parents' standards. I held him for a moment before my tornado child tried to play catch with him and neeeeded his mama.


Many of the people at the assisted living facility said things about their own children, about how it flies by, about it feeling like just yesterday. As I sat in my cousin's house and held her baby I certainly felt that way but will I really still feel that way in 50 years? Will my heart break when I see a young mother and child or will it be filled with joy? I guess that the difference in the way you feel depends on how you lived your life.

My plan is to build a family that loves everyday, that enjoys time together, and that takes care of each other. I pray that I will be an old lady with paper soft skin and that I will have a son that loves me very much. I pray for a sound mind that remembers how a baby feels and that knows my grandchildren's names.

Today, I am thankful for my boy that helped me build a sweet memory and for brand new babies.

Grandma Rose, age 21

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