Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just an oil change

You know that thing where you take your car in to get an oil change and there are a thousand other things that need to be fixed and it's gonna cost way more than 40 bucks? Yeah, of course you do.

Eddy and I took the Prius into the dealership this morning for a routine oil change. They told me that it would be an hour to an hour and half. Perfect. There is a Mexican restaurant that we like about a mile away with good, cheap breakfast tacos so I planned ahead by packing the stroller and layering up. It was 35 degrees when we left the house to take Tim to work this morning so we put Eddy in 3 sets of pajamas, which turns out to be exactly the number of pajamas needed to make your child look like too much sausage stuffed into too little casing and renders him nearly immobile. It was adorable. I threw him in the stroller, completed his look with his werewolf hat and frog mittens, threw a giant blanket over his legs, and we were set.

Breakfast hit the spot - we shared 3 tacos and made a few friends - and we killed exactly enough time to put us back at the dealership where our car would hopefully be waiting. At the moment that we walked up to the service building, the caller ID on my phone read Charles Maund Toyota and I mentally patted myself on the back for such a well executed morning - and we could still make it to Story Time at the library! I waved at our customer service dude as he walked out to meet us. But where was our car?

Hey there, Mrs. Case, I was just calling you. It looks like the reason that the tire pressure light keeps coming on is because there is a nail in the wall of your tire which means it's unrepairable. Now, we advise that you don't just replace one tire because then you'll have one brand new one and 3 with thousands of miles on them so they will wear unevenly. It's best to replace 2. This tire here is $122.06 with tax and installation and this one here is $102.83 with tax and installation. And that's a piece, ma'am.

Let me call my husband.

Add another hour and a half to that hour and half that we've already so efficiently filled.

It is a really sunny, dry day here in Austin so our 35 degree morning quickly warmed up to the 50s by this point and we were way overdressed.

There is a 10'X10' corner of the waiting area that is partitioned off by glass walls so that the The Woman with a Child and Her Child can be visible to everyone else stuck in this small purgatory while his learning-to-talk shrieks are muted to the outside but reverberate within. They have a decent enough collection of toys that kept Eddy's attention for a whopping ten minutes. He then ventured beyond the walls with the sole purpose of grabbing everyone's cups of waiting room coffee.

After a while, another mom with her 20 month old son came in. He stayed in his stroller as she fed him a waffle. Eddy had found new interest within the glass walls and the other kid looked at us longingly from The Outside. Once Eddy got bored again, we finger-walked out and I told the other mom that her kid was welcome to come play, too.

Oh no, I don't let him out of the stroller or else I'll never get him back in.

Eddy had gotten down on the ground while we chatted and gave the wheels on the kid's stroller a close inspection. He then started crawling around the stroller and away from where we were standing.

You let him crawl around like that?!? The floor can be really dirty you know.

Oh yeah, he's fine. Germs are good, right? Haha. I'll just pump him full of breast milk when we get home!

Uncomfortable smile.

Eddy and I then cruise off, practicing walking and smiling at strangers. We toddled back by a few minutes later.

Do you let him suck his thumb? (Seeing that his hands are covered in new tire residue.)

He doesn't suck his thumb. He never really did. Plus, he still breastfeeds so I don't think he really needs to.

Geez, did I mention that I nourish my child from my breast enough?

Another uncomfortable smile.

Eddy then started an attempt to scale the kid's stroller, trying to touch his nose, making the kid as uncomfortable as I was making his mom.

There we stood, two trees and our apples down below.


They left before we did. Apparently they really did only need an oil change.

After 3 hours, our hour and a half wait was over, just in the nick of nap time.

We came home, washed our hands twice, peeled off the layer of PJs with black knees, and I nursed Eddy to sleep. Y'all know I breastfeed, right?

So what did you do this morning?


  1. Ha ha ha I spent a few mins of my morning reading your post and laughing my --- off! I can just see Eddy having such a wonderful time (being normal) and you tossing the "breast feeding" thingy around and the other person recoiling in horror. I raised a few eyebrows in my time with the breast feeding - you go girl!You're raising a very normal little man and I love it. Nini

  2. Ehehehe, I can see his black knees ;) Love it! Gutterd about the extra spend though! x

  3. “…3 hours, our hour and a half wait” - That is a very long time. But your long wait definitely paid off because everything on your to-do list was successfully done, including the oil change. Yay!

    Kayla @


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