Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just an oil change

You know that thing where you take your car in to get an oil change and there are a thousand other things that need to be fixed and it's gonna cost way more than 40 bucks? Yeah, of course you do.

Eddy and I took the Prius into the dealership this morning for a routine oil change. They told me that it would be an hour to an hour and half. Perfect. There is a Mexican restaurant that we like about a mile away with good, cheap breakfast tacos so I planned ahead by packing the stroller and layering up. It was 35 degrees when we left the house to take Tim to work this morning so we put Eddy in 3 sets of pajamas, which turns out to be exactly the number of pajamas needed to make your child look like too much sausage stuffed into too little casing and renders him nearly immobile. It was adorable. I threw him in the stroller, completed his look with his werewolf hat and frog mittens, threw a giant blanket over his legs, and we were set.

Breakfast hit the spot - we shared 3 tacos and made a few friends - and we killed exactly enough time to put us back at the dealership where our car would hopefully be waiting. At the moment that we walked up to the service building, the caller ID on my phone read Charles Maund Toyota and I mentally patted myself on the back for such a well executed morning - and we could still make it to Story Time at the library! I waved at our customer service dude as he walked out to meet us. But where was our car?

Hey there, Mrs. Case, I was just calling you. It looks like the reason that the tire pressure light keeps coming on is because there is a nail in the wall of your tire which means it's unrepairable. Now, we advise that you don't just replace one tire because then you'll have one brand new one and 3 with thousands of miles on them so they will wear unevenly. It's best to replace 2. This tire here is $122.06 with tax and installation and this one here is $102.83 with tax and installation. And that's a piece, ma'am.

Let me call my husband.

Add another hour and a half to that hour and half that we've already so efficiently filled.

It is a really sunny, dry day here in Austin so our 35 degree morning quickly warmed up to the 50s by this point and we were way overdressed.

There is a 10'X10' corner of the waiting area that is partitioned off by glass walls so that the The Woman with a Child and Her Child can be visible to everyone else stuck in this small purgatory while his learning-to-talk shrieks are muted to the outside but reverberate within. They have a decent enough collection of toys that kept Eddy's attention for a whopping ten minutes. He then ventured beyond the walls with the sole purpose of grabbing everyone's cups of waiting room coffee.

After a while, another mom with her 20 month old son came in. He stayed in his stroller as she fed him a waffle. Eddy had found new interest within the glass walls and the other kid looked at us longingly from The Outside. Once Eddy got bored again, we finger-walked out and I told the other mom that her kid was welcome to come play, too.

Oh no, I don't let him out of the stroller or else I'll never get him back in.

Eddy had gotten down on the ground while we chatted and gave the wheels on the kid's stroller a close inspection. He then started crawling around the stroller and away from where we were standing.

You let him crawl around like that?!? The floor can be really dirty you know.

Oh yeah, he's fine. Germs are good, right? Haha. I'll just pump him full of breast milk when we get home!

Uncomfortable smile.

Eddy and I then cruise off, practicing walking and smiling at strangers. We toddled back by a few minutes later.

Do you let him suck his thumb? (Seeing that his hands are covered in new tire residue.)

He doesn't suck his thumb. He never really did. Plus, he still breastfeeds so I don't think he really needs to.

Geez, did I mention that I nourish my child from my breast enough?

Another uncomfortable smile.

Eddy then started an attempt to scale the kid's stroller, trying to touch his nose, making the kid as uncomfortable as I was making his mom.

There we stood, two trees and our apples down below.


They left before we did. Apparently they really did only need an oil change.

After 3 hours, our hour and a half wait was over, just in the nick of nap time.

We came home, washed our hands twice, peeled off the layer of PJs with black knees, and I nursed Eddy to sleep. Y'all know I breastfeed, right?

So what did you do this morning?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

My boy, wind in his curls.

And his tongue, the accessory du jour.

A man and his girl, Sunday sunset.

Participating in the 52 week photo project. Join in!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Say Thank You *Monday*

I didn't make my usual Sunday night post because apparently I was very tired. Sometimes you don't realize how tired you are until you wake up two hours after nursing your kid to sleep and you are drooling on his head. So I got a big TWELVE HOURS of sleep last night. Someone must have put something in our water because Eddy napped for over 2 hours today and Tim - the man who "never naps" - crashed midday for nearly 3 on Sunday.

We had a weekend filled with friends, top to bottom. Eddy hammed it up as much as possible as we shared a meal on Saturday night at our house, laughing at all of the appropriate times. We woke up early Sunday morning and chased 2 crazy dads while they raced.

Our happy boy is growing up everyday and it just wearing him ragged.

This week, we are thankful for:

a first successful week of sales!
a morning champagne toast
shorts weather in January
our city on a beautiful Friday night
pork shoulder and fried egg kolache
Eddy's tongue
new afternoon beer traditions
baby corgis
spontaneous park dates
dog-friendly dining
Hulu Plus and Netflix - just cracking into Downton and Breaking Bad!

new designs, rear view antics, my daredevil, downtown family photo, quack quack girl, saturday morning toast, two yittle orders, corgi//cory, space

What are you thankful for this week?

Saturday, January 26, 2013


This week, I'm obsessed with your arms.

You see, you've had these rubber band arms since you were just a new squirt, these arms with rolls and creases where there are no joints, and you still have them. With each month that passed in your first year I wondered if you were losing them soon but 13 months later they are as pudgy as ever. They are the perfect compliment to your round puppy belly.


And this week, you are obsessed with your tongue.


When you're in the mood you respond to the words, "Eddy, show me your tongue!" by poking it out over and over again like a little lizard. And you think it's HILARIOUS. I caught you doing it in the mirror hanging in front of your car seat yesterday and you were cracking yourself up so then I, of course, started cracking up.

My solution to the afternoon traffic blues: you.

Obsessed. Both of us.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Embracing January.

Every time I hear someone complaining about the heat during the summertime, I remind them that here in Austin we have 3 beautiful, doors-open, windows-down, al fresco seasons.

Yesterday, we packed our lunch sack, scooped up Uncle Cory, and loved the warmth of the sun on our cheeks. We celebrated 13 months in the life of Eddy with Pirate's Booty and a yellow bell pepper.

And on any sunny day, no matter the temperature, this is what you can find our girl doing:

We call it "getting her D" (vitamin, that is) and it's what she is doing as I type. Near the end of her daily siesta, she likes to toss back and forth a few times, her four long legs saluting the sun. It's my very favorite thing to catch her doing. Then, she comes to the back door all toasty, covered in grass and looks at me like, "Is there a problem?"

Did you catch that sweet little mamacaseprint on Eddy? ;)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Say Thank You Sunday

Did you see the episode of The Simpsons with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein? People like the characters on Portlandia move to Springfield and say everything and do everything you would expect. Their son, T-Rex, prefers turning the compost to watching TV and they have a pet armadillo named Chuy ("Mexico" Chuy, not "Star Wars" Chewy).

So, naturally all of the moms breastfeed and socialize (gasp!) while they're breastfeeding and it makes Marge very uncomfortable.

Today, I would have been one of those moms making Marge uncomfortable. It was a perfect day in Austin and we answered a text from a friend to meet for drinks with a very loud "YES!" We met at a local grocery store that --- wait for it --- has zero packaging so you bring your own and there was a local musician playing on the front porch and they only have local beers on tap and you can buy milk that isn't homogenized and there is kale and swiss chard from their garden for sale... whew. You get it? Anyway, it really is a beautiful store and it was a beautiful day and we were happy to hang out there.

Eddy has been particularly grouchy this weekend and just when I'm about to start complaining about it I remember that he is teething like a madman. He is working on numbers THIRTEEN AND FOURTEEN - more teeth than any other almost-13 month old I know. So, yep that's gotta suck sometimes. It sucked this afternoon so while he played and whined, I stopped him to nurse and give him a little comfort. He squirmed all over my lap and our friend Katie laughed at what a busybody he is. I told her that he really prefers to stand up, a la the Time magazine cover, as I sit on the edge of the couch. I moved him off my lap and his legs dangled down, not quite touching the ground. I looked out at where we were and said, "I am totally in an episode of Portlandia right now." Awesome. Oh! And I was wearing bright blue skinny pants. Of course.

This week, we are thankful for:

warm sunshine
spontaneous meet-ups
a robot costume-wearing dad
my new Etsy shop!!
awesome friends that support my latest endeavor
pedicures and drinks to celebrate a beautiful bride
patchouli candles
a family run
a trip to look forward to
chubby knees

happy and we know it, katie and the sun, fetch, contigo with maniacs, in.gredients, wereboy napping, the birthday girl and her robot, family morning at the park, family bed

What are you thankful for this week?

Friday, January 18, 2013


This week, I'm obsessed with my new Etsy shop!

My resolution at the top of this year's list is to start making money on my creativity. Mamacase Prints went live last night! This is definitely not a "get rich quick" plan but rather a "make-a-little-extra-money-so-we-can-go-out-to-eat-every-once-in-awhile" plan.

My brain is totally bursting with new ideas all the time and my hands can barely keep up. I'm excited to start selling a few shirts so that I can start designing a few more! If you know a kiddo that could use a hand-printed, unique, colorful and cozy new shirt please take a look!

And I already made my historical first sale! Sure, it was to our dear friend Alissa but it counts to me. Here's my first dollar earned. Isn't it cute?


And this week, Eddy is obsessed with blueberries.

We introduced them last week when we had friends over for pancakes and he couldn't eat them fast enough. If I give them to him at any meal, I have to present them last or they will be the only thing he eats. I would complain but they are a superfood so it's awesome! And they turn his poop black! Double awesome! (?)

Obsessed. Both of us.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

finger poppin' time

I've loved this song since I heard it in The Sandlot as a kid. We even had it on our wedding playlist.

But now I love it even more.

We had the radio on as we got ready for bed on Saturday night and it turned into a dance party. (Austin - have you listened to the new KUTX? It's fantastic.)

Isn't it amazing that they just know how to dance, that music just feels good?

I think he fell asleep with a smile on his face that night.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


  A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Spaghetti for dinner on Saturday means leftovers for lunch on Monday.

It was just as good the second time as the first. Trust me.

The clean-up crew was appreciative, too.

Spaghetti in ev-er-ee crack.

A midday bath immediately followed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

2 years ago a baby girl was born.

On January 14, 2011, I got to watch my best friend become a superhero. It was one of the best days of my life. Today, her baby girl turns 2.

This is the letter I wrote to her about the day she was born.


Sweet Olivia,

On the day you were born
Your mom sent me a text at 4:30 in the morning that said, "Call a sub. We're having a baby today. Now get some rest. See you in a little bit." This was one of the funniest things your mom had ever said to me, "Get some rest." There was no way I could rest after knowing that this would be the day that we would finally meet you. I lied awake in bed imagining who you were, what you looked like, and said a prayer that your entrance into this world would be peaceful.

I waited until about 9:00 and then went to your house. I came in to see your dad taking care of your mom as she lied on the couch and hummed to herself with her eyes closed. She was still able to talk a little and laugh but with every passing minute, she was turning more and more inside of herself and focusing on you. As those minutes passed, your dad also started focusing more and more on you and your mom. I have known your mom and dad for a long time and this was the most in tune that I had ever seen them. They knew their job that day was big and it was all that mattered to them.

On the day you were born
Your house was more full of love than it has ever been. It is amazing how one little person can cause so many people to drop everything and focus on one thing. When your mom and dad were alone that day, focusing on you, your Aunt Katie and I sat and talked with the midwives about what an amazing day this had already been. We didn't even know yet how amazing it would turn out. Every once in a while, your Abuelo would check in. He was beside himself with emotion, excitement, and nerves for your mama. Your Tinka was taking care of your mom, and everyone else, all day long just like she has always done. Hours passed where we didn't see your mom and dad. This time was clearly so sacred for them and they had already begun their roles as amazing parents, completely devoted to you.

On the day you were born
Your mom, a woman I have loved for so long, became stronger than I knew possible. When it was time for her to start the hardest work, pushing, we all wished we could push with her. She clutched my hand and your dad's hand harder than I can ever describe. After a while, we started to see the top of your head. For what felt like a long time, that's all we could see. Your mom was working so hard but she never once looked defeated, never once looked exhausted, and never once lost sight of her job. We tried everything possible to make her comfortable. We pushed on her back, held her legs, cooled her forehead with rags. And the whole time, she didn't speak. She kept her eyes closed tight and kept all of her energy focused on you.

And then,
with the mightiest of pushes, we saw your face for the first time. All squished and brand new, it was perfect. With one more push, the rest of you squirmed out and you were bigger than we all expected. I said to your dad, "What is it?" and after a short pause, he said, "It's a girl!" After all the time we spent wondering and dreaming about you, as soon as we heard those words it was like we had known you all along.

All of a sudden, your mom had to share the spotlight as the most important girl in the room.

On the day you were born
I felt something that I hadn't felt in a very long time: untethered joy. Thank you, baby girl. That's all because of you.

You are loved more than you will ever know.

Aunt Kacie

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Say Thank You Sunday

What a Sunday. I have been training since August for a half marathon and today I achieved my goal.

Along the run, I saw 4 signs about farts, a few more about Ryan Gosling, a couple of awesome dogs, a handful of familiar faces, and one Eddy boy.

I have compared running to childbirth before. I drew on that strength countless times today. I am thankful for friends and strangers that cheered me on to the finish line. I'm sure that both races and childbirth can be achieved without fanfare but it certainly helps. I have heard stories of mamas that have encountered naysayers during labor - nurses that laughed at their birth plans and doctors that told them that natural childbirth was unnecessary. I thought about that a lot today, about how easy it would be to quit if people were lining the race course shouting, "Hey! This is so silly! There is a much easier way to get to where you're going!" Running isn't for everyone and neither is natural childbirth but if it is the choice you make then I certainly hope that you feel nothing but support.

I worked hard today. I climbed hills and pushed at times when my body said to stop. It was all so familiar. The course was relatively downhill but in the last mile there were a few inclines that I wasn't expecting - or had conveniently ignored when studying the map. I powered up those hills rather than slowing down. I heard my midwife saying, "Keep pushing this time! When you feel like stopping just keep pushing! You're almost done!" And that is exactly what I did.

Because I am a mom I am stronger than ever. Just like I did right after Eddy was born, I thanked my body today for persevering when I pushed it beyond it's limits.

But I will say that pushing a baby out is still way harder than running for 2 hours and 10 minutes.

This week, we are thankful for:

our bodies - Tim ran too!
friends that run with us, push us, cheer us on, and watch our babies
a cold front
dance parties
four paws on the couch
post-race food
Tiff's Treats & Doritos
big boys playing with my little boy
early bedtime
cable free!!
Christmas lights down (2 years later)

asleep out of the car, our animal cheer squad, nerd/twins at the park, finish line, big boy at one year well baby visit, heart-shaped clementine, instafridge, cheeks screen print, oli is 2!

Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of something very good. Check back soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


This week, I'm obsessed with inducing fits of laughter.

Thick as thieves, us two.

The baby giggle has evolved into the heartiest, belliest, most infectious kid laugh. There is a sweet spot right between his shoulder and his neck, the tiniest little spot that I can't resist as I change his diaper. Just the anticipation of me opening my mouth to git him is enough to make him start squealing.

Perfection. Ridiculous perfection.

And this week, my boy is obsessed with his favorite book, Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. After adding it to his wishlist, our friends gave it to him for his birthday and we have read it no less than four times every night since then. He likes to turn the pages himself and he smiles at all of the faces in the book smiling back at him.

His friends on the right have necklaces just like him!

Tonight as Tim and I tidied up before bedtime, Eddy stood at the side of the bed and flipped through the pages slowly, studying each one. He got to a page in the book with 3 people wearing necklaces. When we read this page to him, we point out that they each have necklaces just like him. As he stood reading it himself, he paused on that page, said "Ooooooooh!" and touched his own necklace. Tim and I looked at each other in amazement. Damn near blew our little minds, I tell ya.

Obsessed. Both of us.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1 year review!

Whew! We ran all over town - and other towns - for a year and I'm worn out. I think it's time to retire these photos and move onto something new.

Here is the recap from the first 11 months:

And his 1 year picture was snapped at nearly the exact time of his birth - 4:30 - at his first birthday party, wearing his custom 1 shirt!

The stats for the month: 24 lbs, 8 oz (90th percentile), 31 inches (90th percentile), and his head measurement is 20 1/8 inches (still off the charts!). Hees ah beeg boii!

It seems like as soon as Eddy turned one, his talk turned into very conversational jibber jabber. He is trying earnestly to make the same sounds and words that we are making, working on his p, l, n, and f sounds to go with some of his favorite words: up, Lucy!, night night, on, and off. He has also surprised us all by saying words that sound an awful lot like Cookie, BonBon, Uncle Matt, Uncle Cory, and Grandpa. His favorite sign is still hot and he loves to tell us when lights are on and off. To outsiders it may sound like most of his sounds are the same but I can tell the difference between "aahbaa" for ball and "aahbaa" for balloon. On and off are also becoming more distinct as he puts very purposeful emphasis on the ending sounds. I've recently introduced the signs for help, hurt and book and he sure does study my hands. In the last few weeks he has also started shaking and nodding his head - powerful.

His dance moves are definitely improving. He's added a head bob to his torso action and his very very favorite thing to dance to is the sound of Lucy. He will stop whatever he is doing no matter where he is in the house, look at us very seriously, and start dancing when he hears her drinking. He loves her rhythm. I've also caught him a handful of times getting the Led out in his car seat. So freakin' cute.

He is now a total snacker, eating puffs, Booty, Os, raisins, dried cranberries, string cheese and clementines in between meals. And we now plan most of our dinners to include ingredients that he eats: turkey and sweet potato sloppy joes with kale chips (loved it!), roasted veggies and parmesan (inhaled), breakfast tacos (duh), and spaghetti (Eddy Spagheddy!). He gets a major kick out of feeding Lucy and she doesn't protest.

OH! And I forgot to add the stats about your teeth last night. You have TEN! 4 on top, 4 on the bottom and just as you turned one you started pushing through your first set of molars. Yowza!

Unfortunately, the price you pay for spending most of the day standing is that sometimes you lose your balance. My poor child manages to get a new goose egg on his forehead just as the previous one has nearly faded. I think it's going to take a bit longer to find his balance enough to walk with this head he has.

I can never be sure if he still has his trademark cheeks - I kiss them everyday so I don't know if they are thinning out. Just when I think that surely they're gone, a stranger in the grocery store will say, "Oh look at those CHEEKS!" Phew. Still got 'em.

Alright - I feel like I've definitely forgotten a million things. Bottom line: Eddy is growing up. He is smart, he is quick, he is funny, he's a good dancer. He is awesome.

Love him.

Monday, January 7, 2013


There's a trend going around other blogs right now and I am following suit. The idea is to take a picture of your kid once a week - a quality photo that captures who they are in that moment.

I imagine that in Eddy's second year of life, there may be far fewer pictures of him than in his first. No longer do I have our DSLR always at my hip and no longer do I have a stationary subject.

Blog or not, I encourage other mamas to join. I plan on getting all of these pictures printed and adding them to Eddy's shoebox. I think it will fill my heart to flip through them 20 years from now.

Here's the first shot of the year of The Boy. This was just after he had woken up from his nap. I think it so perfectly captures what it looks like around 2 o'clock in this house: messy hair, puffy eyes, happiness.

Happy snapping.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Say Thank You Sunday

Tim had to work this weekend which is always kind of a bummer. Not only does it feel like we don't get time to recharge but it also means that he gets less time with Eddy. Tim has been giving Eddy a bath the past few nights to squeeze in extra QT before he goes to bed and there is nothing better to listen to while I clean the kitchen. Two knuckleheads yuckin' it up.

It rained for a good part of the week so when the sun finally came out yesterday we bolted out the door. I was so stir crazy that I was staging photo shoots with food and Lucy was on the verge of exploding. This good city of ours showed us quite a time.

This week, we are thankful for:

Is it redundant to say egg nog?
One week left of training until the big run!
A new year
Sleeping in with Eddy
Family outings to the park
Uncontrollable fits of laughter
Family bed
Curly Qs
Bedtime stories
Eddy's appetite

Sunday morning in Austin, found love note, Saturday's run, family run on New Year's Day, fetch, crashed on the couch, snack break, grocery store love, happy girl

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Put an egg on it

There is this out-of-this-world breakfast pizza served from a beautiful wood burning stove that sits atop a trailer at the Austin Farmer's Market. Perfect crust, aged cheddar, smoky bacon, and a glistening runny egg. You can pay a couple of extra bucks for an additional egg. A total bonanza in your mouth that unfortunately is only available on Saturdays (although they are on a break right now) and it sets you back $14. 4 skinny people could make a meal out of it, or 2 regular people like me and Tim.


We have recently become obsessed with the Central Market brand frozen pizza. After trying the Grilled Potatoes & Sauteed Onions variety, I told Tim that I thought I could get pretty close to the Farmer's Market pizza. Tonight I gave it a try.

1. While I let the oven heat to 475°, the pizza thawed a bit and I cooked my 3 slices of bacon in a pan until it was nearly done.

2. I topped my slightly less frozen pizza with the coarsely chopped bacon, cracked the eggs near the center, and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

3. The pizza cooks super fast - 7 minutes. Put your oven light on and judge whether it's done based on the eggs.

4. When the eggs look done, move that sucker out, slice it right through the yolk to let it do its beautiful thing, and scarf.

The very very best part of this meal - besides that it was AWESOME - is that the frozen pizza costs $5, you probably have eggs in your fridge, and if you buy a package of bacon you'll have some leftover for breakfast tacos! If you don't live in the lovely region of the world that has Central Market/HEB brand pizza, I'm sure you can find something just as delicious.

Elevate your stay-at-home dinner by putting an egg on your frozen pizza. Is there anything that isn't made better by a runny egg? Well, maybe a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Friday, January 4, 2013


This week, I am obsessed with egg nog and rum cake.

All food was harmed during this shoot.

I know, I know. That is not an adorable picture of my chubby baby. My mother-in-law (Hi, Bonnie!) did me the generous disservice of leaving a rum cake at our house after Christmas. We got in the habit of ending every night with a slice and a glass of egg nog. The cake and nog sadly came to an end a few nights ago so I took proactive steps to remedy that. We had everything in our pantry to make rum cake except for the dark rum but we had bigger problems - everywhere was sold out of egg nog. After a trip to 4 different stores and 2 phone calls, I snagged the last 2 jugs at Target. The goal in buying so much is that I will get my fill. Yep. That's ma goal.

Oh - and btw - rum cake calls for TWENTY tablespoons of butter. And the glaze that I poured over it tastes like college: sweet and boozy.

Now back to Eddy. This week, my boy is obsessed with the baker's rack that holds our liquor.

photo by @timmywilson

I mean, we really do make a good pair. It's like he's saying, Hey Mom, how about a splash of this in your nog? And how much do you need for that rum cake?

It is his absolute favorite place to play. The moment he gets bored of a toy in his play room, his little face goes Oh yeah! and he makes a b-line. He likes to mostly just clang the bottles together but occasionally he will try to pull very large bottles down. It is right by our stove so it is not my favorite place for him to play. I blocked it last weekend with our trashcan and when he ventured over he looked so puzzled. Tim said, "Aw he's so confused! Move the trashcan back!"

A baby gate has been ordered from Amazon.

It's cold and wet outside. We may be going a little stir crazy over here.

***Addendum: I am currently watching the SATC episode where Miranda has to put her cake in the garbage and cover it with dish soap to refrain from eating it. I'm afraid life is imitating.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New people, Old people

We spent our morning with an old person and a brand new person.

Eddy and I drove to San Antonio to take my grandmother to an eye appointment. She has recently been moved into an assisted living facility and her memory is rapidly deteriorating. I have never been very close with her. She was never the kind of grandma that had warm cookies in the oven when we came over although, to her credit, she makes a Mexican breakfast like no other. Her forgetful, repetitive, almost childlike state makes her, if anything, more endearing to me.

It took about 20 minutes to simply get from the door of her apartment to the exit. She wanted to wear a different this and that, she forgot her something, she was just fidgety. Once we were in the lobby, Eddy turned on his old lady magnet. They flock to him, thankfully with smiles on their faces. It's amazing how every single one of them wants to hold his hand and he of course won't stop squirming. I love the contrast of his sweet, baby skin next to their weathered, papery skin. Opposite ends of the spectrum but both so soft. He offered up sweet smiles, made little chatty sounds, and then with the utmost urgency warned every one of them that the fire in the fireplace was "AH!" and made the sign for hot.

Our trip to the eye doctor consisted of a detour through Macy's - I parked in the dumbest, farthest away spot - where every 40% off!, 60% off!, a million % off! sign was placed at exactly tiny grandma height. Somewhere between 2 and 10 times I turned around to find her nowhere. I should mention that all the while I'm carrying my gargantuan child and a diaper bag and Grandma's purse because I forgot the stroller at home. Once out of Macy's, we still had a bit of hike. The Mallwalkers were majorly lapping us.

We eventually made it to the optometrist's office, Grandma was totally pleased with how her new glasses looked, and to keep her attention as we headed back to the car, I kept saying to Eddy, "Where's Grandma?" to which he would respond with a squeal. Grandma caught onto this game right away and they played the whole way back. This kid. My lifesaver. To prove that her new glasses worked, she read every sign during our drive: No money down! The Container Store! Military Highway! North, N-O-R-T-H! Adorable.

After we dropped Grandma off we headed to my cousin's house to meet her 6 day old baby. I love a house with a new baby. It is maybe the most peaceful place on Earth - warm, cozy, full of soft music and whirring sounds. The moment when they're that tiny passes in a blink that I don't even remember what it felt like. The transition still amazes me. He was inside of his mama a week ago and now he has room to stretch his limbs. Blows my mind. Besides being fuzzy and squishy and shaped just like a nugget, he is adorable and healthy and thriving. Perfection by parents' standards. I held him for a moment before my tornado child tried to play catch with him and neeeeded his mama.


Many of the people at the assisted living facility said things about their own children, about how it flies by, about it feeling like just yesterday. As I sat in my cousin's house and held her baby I certainly felt that way but will I really still feel that way in 50 years? Will my heart break when I see a young mother and child or will it be filled with joy? I guess that the difference in the way you feel depends on how you lived your life.

My plan is to build a family that loves everyday, that enjoys time together, and that takes care of each other. I pray that I will be an old lady with paper soft skin and that I will have a son that loves me very much. I pray for a sound mind that remembers how a baby feels and that knows my grandchildren's names.

Today, I am thankful for my boy that helped me build a sweet memory and for brand new babies.

Grandma Rose, age 21