Sunday, December 9, 2012

Say Thank You Sunday

I feel like I have to whisper this: Eddy has been fever free since Friday.

That right there is something to be thankful for.

This week, we are also thankful for:

A house full of laughter
The finish line after a long, hilly half marathon
followed by Epsom salt baths
Perfecting our spaghetti recipe
served with oven fresh garlic bread, of course
Jimmy John's delivery (it is freakishly fast, y'all)
grandmas that get along like gangbusters
baby bow legs
road-tripping parents
Eddie and Eddy Wilsons
cold fronts
helping hands
this beautiful city we call home

Run Papa Run, Deconstructed Breakfast Taco, Eddie and Eddy Wilson, Home, Hand-knit little boy scarf, Mama's boy, say "Lucy!", shirtless Saturday, Austin music on the trail

Also, I said these words to someone yesterday: Oh, he'll be 1 in two weeks.



  1. Thanks Eddy for all your lovin'

  2. I love the one of your arms wrapped around him. SOOO cute!

  3. Hello beautiful! Thank you for the follow, I totally followed back. Loving your blog. Great shots!


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