Sunday, December 2, 2012

Say Thank You Sunday

The first week of December - you wouldn't be able to tell here in Austin unless you looked at a calendar. We laid low this weekend with our sick boy, hung our stockings by the kitchen table with care, and organized organized. Our home is happy right now.

This week, our family is thankful for:

fried pies
Christmas decorations
repurposed space in the house
big leather chairs
year-round Christmas lights (they're already up!)
sick snuggles
friends willing to lend a hand
easy, delicious dinners
invitations in the mail
fire fighters
fresh tortillas
homemade pancakes

22 shopping days until Christmas! (And 19 until Eddy's birthday!) Shop local, make something, but start now so that you're not in a panic (she says to herself).

new/old hand made kitchen, one year invitation envelopes, the only good thing about sick days, at the park with charlie, quinoa for lunch, snacking on a run, cheeks in the beer aisle, blinding him with science, blue christmas

What are you thankful for this week?

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