Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Say Thank *Tuesday*

It's Christmas. Really really the most wonderful time of the year.

Last Christmas, I never got out of my robe as I held a brand new, still fuzzy, cozy little Eddy who slept and nursed all day. It was magic.

This Christmas, I showered early while Tim watched Eddy and I had the chance, cooked breakfast for 10, and spent the rest of the day Eddy chasing, unwrapping, and nursing. It was magic.

It has worked out that just when Christmas had lost a bit of its luster, just when the focus had shifted more to whether gifts were disappointing to the recipient rather than to what it's really all about, a baby boy was born that breathed new life into the day.

If Christmas was scored by the stack of gifts sitting in front of you to unwrap then Eddy was the winner. But we got to watch him, catch his smiles, feel his warmth all day so I think we're the winners.

This week, we are thankful for:

Our one year old
A 12 mile run + 1 more for good measure (can't believe I'm saying I'm thankful for that)
Lucy after a bath (and always)
homemade gumbo and chili
A full house and a very full dining room table
Many miles traveled safely
New artwork for our house
handmade gifts
The generosity of friends and family
cozy new slippers
Egg nog
3 dog nights

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