Saturday, December 15, 2012


This week, I'm obsessed with messy meals.

Once you decided that you were a self-feeder, Mama feeding you is so lame. You also want whatever I have - a cup, a fork, a spoon. I handed you your own fork at dinner last night and you used it exactly the right way.

You know who else loves messy meals? Lucy. When you started eating in your high chair, she wanted no part of your healthy rejects but has since expanded her palette.

And this week, you are obsessed with feeding Lucy. Hands too dirty? Just let Lucy lick them clean! It sends you into a fit every time.

one year in one week! remember this belly?


  1. Cute pictures! Love these photos! So creative :)

  2. He is perfect! I love it when they learn new things. Buckle up, the fun is just starting;)


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