Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just in cases

We have found our perfect Christmas station. I happen to love Christmas music so it's not hard for me to find one that works but Tim prefers something more cool, less obnoxious. The Christmas Blues station on Pandora is where it's at. Last night we turned it on, popped open a couple of beers, and Eddy settled into a groove while I cooked dinner.

Happy home.

When this song came on, I got all fuzzy on the inside because it is in Love Actually, one of my favorites - not just of Christmas movies - of all time.

Press play below. Voila! So cool.

It's Love Actually season. I'll be watching it under a blanket very soon. You should too. It just might inspire something grand, like this:

I could really post a dozen clips from this movie but you should just watch it for yourself. That takes up too much bandwidth.

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