Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ELEVEN months!

When he was brand new, just days old, Uncle Cory told me that when he saw Eddy's eyelashes he couldn't help but think of things at a molecular level. They were but wisps, only millimeters long. As I sat on my new mom's nest and nursed him, I swore that I could watch them grow.

11 months later, I feel as though I can watch his brain grow. He is making new sounds, learning new signs, and becoming more stable on his feet each and every day. His sense of humor is fantastic and I feel like we are really getting to learn about a little kid named Eddy.

This month, he has perfected his cheesy grin and knows it makes me laugh every time. To keep things balanced, he can also pout his little lip out to make an excellent, overly dramatic face.

Eddy started signing "milk" to me about 4 months ago and then kind of developed a general hand sign - flipping his hand up and down - that he would use in response to my signs. He signs "off" and "on" when we pass lights and fans and "leaf" when we are outside playing with crunchy, fall leaves. When he nears the end of a meal and starts to lose interest, I can ask if he's "done" and he will respond with that sign. His Pops got to witness how cool this was while we were at their house for Thanksgiving. At the end of lunch, I asked if he was done and he paused for a second, looked at me, and then signed "done". Brilliant. And as we drove home from Houston, I sat in the backseat with him and shared a snack. I signed "more" each time I gave him more Cheerios and he started signing back to me. I started laughing and singing, "More More More More!" which he totally loved. Besides getting to watch him flex his brain, it is incredible how much power is in those signs. Instead of grunting or crying with frustration, he can just tell me what he needs.

And just as he began with a general hand sign, his favorite word right now is "AAAHPOO", which sounds like apple, hammer, uncle, a book, a ball, etc. As he played with a stick at the park, I kept saying, "Stick!" and he responded every time with, "AAAHPOO!" I joked with our friend that he was probably thinking in his brain, "Geez, Mom! That's what I'm saying!" When he really really wants to tell me something, he takes his time to draw out each syllable.

He spends most of the day on his feet, perched by Lucy at the window sill, holding on to chairs and furniture, and playing at our 20-year-old table that Grandpa Gus made when Uncle Cory and Uncle Matt were little. He finds his balance a little more each day - that mommy/baby yoga must be paying off! - and can now ease his way down to his bottom instead of plopping all the time.

Our main man's 11 month birthday fell on Thanksgiving day and he proved to definitely be part of the family as he ate everything in front of him. That's my boy!

Look at those beautiful teeth!

One month. One more month and we will have a one year old. Ain't it funny?

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