Friday, November 23, 2012

Eddy's Wishlist

Since people have been asking - and since this was so fun to make! - I put together a little wishlist for our sweet boy. Links to websites are below.

1. Blocks! Every kid needs 'em!
2. Apparently split sole shoes are good for new walkers which is what we will probably have sooner than later. He wears a 3.5 - 4. How funny that he has a shoe size!
3. A name puzzle - but one that says 'Eddy' preferably.
4. We love Eric Carle around here and this kid's brain is growing by the day so flash cards would be cool!
5. A quiet book - doesn't that sound so nice if Mama has a headache?
6. And then a Walk and Roller for when Mama doesn't have a headache.
7. Our very stylish little guy looks particularly cool in clothes from Old Navy, Gap, and Children's Place. He is currently wearing size 12-18 months and will probably be in 2T by the spring.
8. How cute is Rody the Hopping Horse?
9. It's learning time!
10. Old Navy pajamas are our favorite. He wears 12-18 months now and will soon be in 18-24 months.
11. Eddy's very favorite book. We picked it out from the library months ago and he loved it. We think the main character is some kind of love pimp.
12. There is now an H&M in Houston and Austin! We especially love their kids' clothes because they have snaps at the neck - perfect for big-brained boys!
13. Bath time is a favorite time in our house and he is really starting to love toys that pour. This Green Toys company is very cool - all recycled, minimal packaging, and totally affordable.
14. Remember these parachutes from elementary school? Who didn't love these?!
15. The best part of building a tower is knocking it down.
16. Trucks. Enough said. (Another Green Toys item)
17. A friend gave us a few Sandra Boynton books when Eddy was teeny and she is totally our favorite author. These sets have books that we don't own yet.
18. Our boy has the rhythm in him and his music class teacher swears that this brand of bongo drums is the best.
19. We absolutely love our Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers. Ed has the inner workings of a champ so he goes through diapers quickly. More diapers means less laundry! We like the One Size variety in fun colors.
20. Plan Toys are just beautiful. Affordable and hand-me-down quality for sure.
21. A Plan Toys shape sorter for my budding genius.
22. A rain stick - this is one of Eddy's favorite instruments in music class.
23. This was a puzzle that Papa really loved when we were searching online.
24. If you plan on buying him a warm winter hat, please overestimate :) 3T and up!
25. This was a record player that Papa and I had when we were kids. Classic.
26. It seems that his sweet, little bedroom sure could use a cool clock.
27. I just love this little sitting tuffet and think it's perfect for when we hang out with him in his bedroom.
28. He plays with these blocks at his friend Olivia's house. They are soft and great for building.
29. Swim lessons! They are tons of places near the house, including the YMCA and scuba shops, that we could take lessons at to prepare for an awesome summer!

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  1. Mama Case, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen! How did you make it???? TEACH ME your wise Mama skills!


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