Monday, November 5, 2012

10 months!

What an awesome month we had. We got to split a week between northern and southern California to visit Aunt Jen, Uncle Jeremy, Bongo, Aunt Hanna, and Pam. There were new trees, dogs, birds, plants, and buildings to see everyday and you made sure that we looked at all of them. And it comes as no surprise that you are in love with the beach. I really think that you could have watched the waves roll in and out for hours. Oh, and sand? Delicious.

Your Papa was very happy to have you home and he swears that you grew while we were gone. I totally disagreed until I realized that you really are growing and changing everyday. It is kind of incredible. You are crawling quickly, pulling yourself up and cruising all day long, laughing until you can't any more and even doing things that you know make us laugh, feeding yourself and leaving lots for Lucy to clean up, and the day we came back from California you tried your very darndest to tell Papa everything that we did by making all kinds of fantastic, jibber jabber noises.

So this is what a 10 month photo shoot looks like when Mama is alone with you, forgets the fancy camera, only has 15 minutes on the meter, and parked a block and half from the Capitol. I don't think you stayed still for even half a second. I picked the X - Roman numeral 10 - in Texas to represent your tenth month.

Ten months old. You, my boy, are awesome.

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