Thursday, September 27, 2012

9 months!

I read something when I was pregnant that said that humans, unlike most other animals, are born completely dependent on their mothers. They cannot move to escape possible danger which also means that they can't seek out their own food, although Eddy sure did figure out a way to shimmy towards me in the middle of the night like a heat-seeking missile even when he was brand new. This book suggested that human babies have an exo-gestational period of 9 months in which they gain mobility and learn to manipulate food. Now, I'm not quite sure that Eddy could survive on his own if we plopped him in a forest - who would hug him when he bonks his noggin?? - but he certainly is a much more independent little creature than he was 9 months ago.

In a nutshell (I always picture Mike Myers as Austin Powers when people use that phrase), 9 month old Eddy is:

eating bits of food with his hands, crawling at an impressive clip, responding to more and more words and signs, getting in to cabinets, pulling himself up on furniture, constantly practicing his standing, sleeping for longer stretches, petting and grabbing Lucy, tossing and turning in his sleep like a real human, pointing very purposefully at objects he notices and wants, talking about his Mama and things that look like his Mama and things that remind him of his Mama, engaging in story time before bed by touching pictures and looking at the words, and playing and playing and playing all day long

He had his 9 month well baby visit today and he is weighing in at 23 pounds (75th percentile), is 29 3/4 inches long (95th %), and his head is making his Papa very proud at 19 5/8 inches ( >98th %). As a point of reference, my head measures 23 inches. So he's roughly 3 feet shorter than me with a head that is almost the same size. When the doctor was going over his stats and percentiles, she looked at Tim and said, "I guess you have a pretty big head, right?" And just as was predicted, he is thinning out just a tad as he becomes mobile.

We took Eddy's picture in front of The Tavern this month, which has the address 922. We celebrated my birthday and Eddy's 9th month on September 22 and marveled at the fact that he has been with us on the outside as long as he was on the inside.

Hey, is that a little thing on the ground?
It is! Sweet! I think I'll put it in my mouth.

And, holy crap, it's nearly time to start planning a first birthday party.

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