Monday, August 13, 2012

A hundred, now shut up.

Whew, it's been a long time. Too long. We've been on vacation for more than 2 weeks and I thought I would steal away a few moments while we were gone but that never happened.

My brain is bursting, I have a handful of entries locked and loaded and ready to be edited but for now, there are other words that weigh a bit heavier.

In the past year or two, our girl Lucy has started showing her age by developing the most distinguished little white muzzle. She's only 6 but I suppose that some dogs are just like some people - they gray earlier than others. Lucy has always garnered admiration at the dog park but this sudden sign of age has prompted follow-up questions of Oh, how old is she? and How long do boxers usually live? The latter question nearly pushes me over the edge every time and I bite my tongue before the response "A hundred, now shut up" can jump out. An elderly man at the neighborhood 4th of July parade even had the gall to say, "Wow - she's seen some years, huh?" I counted to ten slowly, inhaled and exhaled with purpose, all the while fighting the words, "Well, it looks like you've seen triple, punk."

Something you must know about Lucy in order to understand my defensive feelings: she is the most incredible dog to ever walk the planet. No, she is not friends with every passer-by. Nope, she's never saved a child from a well. And no, there is no video of her on YouTube saying "I love you". But trust me, she is incredible. She knows who her friends are and loves them hard and she really knows who her family is and protects them fiercely.

A few months ago, we took Lou to the vet because she had two small lumps that needed to be checked out. We'd been down this road years back when she had a lump removed on her chest. It was stressful and hard and sad at the time but it was removed successfully and is now an afterthought. And she came away with an awesome, tough-girl scar. The vet took a sample from each, told us that these lumps seemed harmless but to keep an eye on one of them and monitor its size. We agreed that it was about the size of a peanut M&M and would check it daily. When we got home from Colorado, the peanut M&M seemed to have swelled to an olive. We made an appointment today to get it checked out again and the prognosis was a bit tough. This little growing lump does have cancerous cells and will need to be removed as well. It's right in her front "arm pit" which makes it a little harder to get at and makes the healing process a little more strenuous. These happen to be very common in boxers and with it's removal, she will probably make a total recovery and this too will be an afterthought a few months from now.

But for now it's heavy.

She is our first-born, our angel girl. She just has to be okay. There's no other option.

Thoughts and prayers and doggy joo-joo are appreciated.


  1. Will keep your girl in our thoughts for a speedy recovery. Thanks for sharing

  2. Lucy IS the best dog in the world. Poor lou! I hope she has a speedy recovery. Give her lots of hugs and kisses from Autie Liss please. :)


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