Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's July 22. Eddy is 7 months old!

When Eddy was a newborn and we met other babies at places like yoga and music class, I would think, "Wow, that's old!" anytime a baby was over 6 months. Well, here we are. 7 months. And, oh thank goodness, he's still just a baby.

This past month, where should I start... ah, yes - TEETH! We have one and a half teeth on the bottom so far - one tall, shark tooth and a budding razor blade of a neighbor. The first one sprouted just after his 6 month mark and things are moving along with fury. Yow!

Another milestone in this past month is the introduction of food. I could've told you this when Eddy was brand new - really I probably could've told you while he was in my belly - this kid loves food. So far we have introduced avocado (his favorite!), banana (this took some getting use to), sweet potatoes (yum!), and plain yogurt (bitter yogurt face). He devours even foods that he isn't crazy about and eats more and more at each feeding. Next on the menu: rice cereal. Mmmmm!

I have a feeling that crawling is imminent because his scooting is becoming quicker and more efficient everyday.

And possibly my favorite change this month is the way he is talking.  When a conversation is going on he jumps right in with enthusiasm, shrieking and hollering. His cheerful, "Hiiiii!" seems to be coming at more appropriate times as he shouts his greeting to me, Lucy, Papa, and all of his friends.

Okay, enough of the boring mama stuff. Here are the pictures of this beautiful kid on his 7 month birthday. We have been going to the pool a ton so we snapped this month's picture at Ramsey Pool, a Case family favorite for years.

These pictures so perfectly showcase his sitting and hollering abilities!

As we like to say around here, "OH YEAH!"

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