Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dear Eddy, Month 6

Hey Big Boy,

We went in for your 6 month appointment and "Big Boy" couldn't be a more accurate description. You are 95th percentile or above in weight, length, and head size. Looking at you while I hold you in my lap and watching you grow brings me such pride. You are pure joy. Lots of it.

I have had some trepidation about you growing up. I have been worrying that when you enter a new phase of life that I will just think about how much I miss littler you. I've talked about how I miss cuddling with until you just fall asleep but you know what has replaced that? Now you hug me with intention. You grab my face and plant your lips on my cheek and just love me. Since we met, I have known that what we have is love but when you actually show it -- aah. Nothing like it.

I was talking with a mom of teenagers a few weeks ago and I complemented her kids. They were absolutely lovely and fun to be around and I told her that she was raising incredible people. She was holding you, inhaled your sweet smell, and said, "Yeah, but I miss this. I blinked and they were teenagers." That's when I told her that she gets to keep all of that. All those snuggly naps on her chest - they're still hers. Bath time with bubbly hair-dos - hers. Mama's healing kisses on boo-boos - all hers. Her eyes filled with tears and she agreed. And added that since those days of bedtime stories and pillow forts she has gotten to watch her 3 kids grows into smart, independent-minded, funny people that she doesn't always agree with but always loves and is always proud of.

That's the thing - all that time that has passed, I don't have to get rid of it. I get to keep it. I get to keep brand new you and snuggly you and rolling over you and all of the you that is to come.

I can't believe that you're 6 months old. I think I'll be saying that for the rest of my life - "I can't believe... "

Half of year you've been here and that's a whole lotta love.

Love ya, Big Boy.

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