Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's July 22. Eddy is 7 months old!

When Eddy was a newborn and we met other babies at places like yoga and music class, I would think, "Wow, that's old!" anytime a baby was over 6 months. Well, here we are. 7 months. And, oh thank goodness, he's still just a baby.

This past month, where should I start... ah, yes - TEETH! We have one and a half teeth on the bottom so far - one tall, shark tooth and a budding razor blade of a neighbor. The first one sprouted just after his 6 month mark and things are moving along with fury. Yow!

Another milestone in this past month is the introduction of food. I could've told you this when Eddy was brand new - really I probably could've told you while he was in my belly - this kid loves food. So far we have introduced avocado (his favorite!), banana (this took some getting use to), sweet potatoes (yum!), and plain yogurt (bitter yogurt face). He devours even foods that he isn't crazy about and eats more and more at each feeding. Next on the menu: rice cereal. Mmmmm!

I have a feeling that crawling is imminent because his scooting is becoming quicker and more efficient everyday.

And possibly my favorite change this month is the way he is talking.  When a conversation is going on he jumps right in with enthusiasm, shrieking and hollering. His cheerful, "Hiiiii!" seems to be coming at more appropriate times as he shouts his greeting to me, Lucy, Papa, and all of his friends.

Okay, enough of the boring mama stuff. Here are the pictures of this beautiful kid on his 7 month birthday. We have been going to the pool a ton so we snapped this month's picture at Ramsey Pool, a Case family favorite for years.

These pictures so perfectly showcase his sitting and hollering abilities!

As we like to say around here, "OH YEAH!"

Friday, July 20, 2012

Get busy.

Today, the floors remained unvacuumed. The laundry remained in the hamper. Emails remained unanswered. While my guy napped after a car ride, I stole back a few extra moments of sleep that eluded me last night. Teething, in a word, is a bitch. A bitch that wakes Eddy up every hour on the hour. So while he slept in his car seat, a rarity nowadays, I slept - face down, on my belly - until he gave me a holler.

A few weeks ago, my friend Katie asked me what about parenthood is different than I expected. I rattled off a few things and then added that when I was pregnant, that my growing belly itself felt like something that made me busy. I would say things like, "Well, I have to go to the grocery store and I have a haircut appointment" and in my head I would add "AND I'm pregnant." Like this belly made things more difficult and more time consuming. I definitely did move slower, especially at the end of the pregnancy, but looking back being pregnant was nuthin'. When you're pregnant, people open doors for you, bring you chairs to prop your feet on, and pick your students up from P.E. You get to cut in the restroom line and I'm fairly certain that my ice cream portions at Amy's were bigger. In other words, you are catered to. This is not to say that people aren't totally lovely and helpful now that Ed is around but it's just not the same.

Make no mistake, I could not be happier with the way I spend my days now. Yes, I now brush my teeth with an audience. Yes, I now blow dry my hair while singing silly songs and kicking my legs in the air to squeeze out a few more fuss-free moments. Yes, I now prep dinner in random spurts determined by baby hunger and boredom. Gone are the days of peeing (or sitting!) whenever my heart desires. Gone are the days of the Bravo TV marathon. But you know how people say that when you are doing a job that you truly love that it doesn't feel like work? That's how I feel (almost all the time!).

I'm happy that I can say I really took full advantage of my pregnancy and all of the perks that it included. Besides motherhood, it was the happiest I've ever been. I took a full month off of work before Ed came a'knockin' just to have "me time".  And it was aah-mazing.

But I do look back on those days and laugh at myself, thinking, "Ha! You didn't even know what busy was!" A belly? You thought a belly was busy? Try a permanent 21 pound hip accessory.

Although, this is all probably just "new mom" naivete. There will come the day when I am juggling swim practice schedules with homework folders with dinner - and potentially still with a pudgy hip accessory - and I will laugh at myself, thinking, "Ha! You thought you were busy when you had one!"

Bring it. I can't wait.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: My grunting babe

I came across this gem last night. It was sent to Tim on January 20 along with a text that said, "Pooping is hard work!" 

I can already hear teenage Eddy saying, "MooOOOoom!" I will have you know, young man, that you just watched this with me and you were captivated.

Look at that little, chubby, cross-eyed baby working so hard! And he had brown hair!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Darling, you send me.

At first I thought it was infatuation

but, ooo, it's lasted so long.

Now I find myself wanting to marry you

and take you home.

Darling, you send me. Honest you do.

Still one of the best days ever. We've seen a lot in 3 years and things just keep getting better. Now we have a baby! Here's to countless more - years, not babies. A few more babies would be good.

I love ya.


Wanna dance?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dear Eddy, Month 6

Hey Big Boy,

We went in for your 6 month appointment and "Big Boy" couldn't be a more accurate description. You are 95th percentile or above in weight, length, and head size. Looking at you while I hold you in my lap and watching you grow brings me such pride. You are pure joy. Lots of it.

I have had some trepidation about you growing up. I have been worrying that when you enter a new phase of life that I will just think about how much I miss littler you. I've talked about how I miss cuddling with until you just fall asleep but you know what has replaced that? Now you hug me with intention. You grab my face and plant your lips on my cheek and just love me. Since we met, I have known that what we have is love but when you actually show it -- aah. Nothing like it.

I was talking with a mom of teenagers a few weeks ago and I complemented her kids. They were absolutely lovely and fun to be around and I told her that she was raising incredible people. She was holding you, inhaled your sweet smell, and said, "Yeah, but I miss this. I blinked and they were teenagers." That's when I told her that she gets to keep all of that. All those snuggly naps on her chest - they're still hers. Bath time with bubbly hair-dos - hers. Mama's healing kisses on boo-boos - all hers. Her eyes filled with tears and she agreed. And added that since those days of bedtime stories and pillow forts she has gotten to watch her 3 kids grows into smart, independent-minded, funny people that she doesn't always agree with but always loves and is always proud of.

That's the thing - all that time that has passed, I don't have to get rid of it. I get to keep it. I get to keep brand new you and snuggly you and rolling over you and all of the you that is to come.

I can't believe that you're 6 months old. I think I'll be saying that for the rest of my life - "I can't believe... "

Half of year you've been here and that's a whole lotta love.

Love ya, Big Boy.