Friday, June 22, 2012

It's June 22. Eddy is 6 months old!

Holy moly. A half of a year. 6 months since that giant head made it's way out. 183 days since we saw his beautiful face. I would be sad to say that my baby is growing up except that growing up has been awesome to witness.

As I type this, Eddy jumps in his bounce seat in the doorway of the kitchen, squealing and laughing when Lucy passes him by. He is an expert at moving things, anything, to his mouth, including rattles, blocks, fingers, hands, my watch, cups of water, and his toes. He can roll in all directions and scoots with fervent determination towards his toys, jutting his jaw out and pouting his lips. When we enter the room, he makes a happy noise that sounds an awful lot like, "Hiii!" to which we cheerfully respond, "Hiii!" He has started taking frequent dips in this hot Austin summer and especially loves going to swim where his best friend, Lucy, can join him.

And my sweet, sweet boy even hung out with his Cookie last weekend while we went on a date to see a movie. When we returned, he was happily playing on the floor and beamed up at us like no big deal.

We spent a few days in Galveston this week (I will post more pictures later) so our 6 month picture was snapped on the beach this morning.

6 months. I really can't believe it. In the same amount of time that is behind us we will be celebrating his first birthday.

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