Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy birthday, Aunt Hanna!

I remember the first time I met this gal.

Our dad walked up my sidewalk in Houston carrying her with one arm, her tiny head cradled in his hand. He had a red bandana that he was using as a burp cloth. Hanna Bandana. I had a little sister.

She is still my little sister but she is no longer a little girl. She is a poised, beautiful, smart, funny, kind, gracious woman with a heart of gold. And she has a killer fashion sense.

I am proud to be her big sister and thankful for our relationship that grows with every passing year. I know that her friends are thankful for her, too. She is loyal, honest, and supportive.

Eddy loves her. Duh. And so do I.

Happy birthday, Aunt Hanna! Soak up some California sun for us.

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