Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy (belated) birthday, Knuckleheads

June 24 is a big day in my family. Two very important men celebrate their birthdays and the day is generally filled with food and fun from top to bottom. This year was no exception.

We started the day by chasing birthday boy Tim and Richie around Austin as they completed the Urban Assault, grabbed post-race hamburgers, slowed down for a nap, and then met friends at Deep Eddy pool to celebrate one chubby baby's half-birthday.

Afterward, the other birthday boy made it back in to town from Colorado and we all packed into one picnic table and indulged our bigger-than-stomach eyes with delicious Mexican food at Zocalo.

I read Love is Walking Hand in Hand with Eddy the next day and found many frame-worthy pages, but this one seemed particularly sweet.

To me, happiness is a full table. Though it would've been extra sweet if the whole whole family could have been there.


So, just a little about the birthday boys. One is my husband, one is my brother. Both are very loved. Both are funny. Both are stubborn. Both are good at basketball. Both love Eddy.

When I met Tim, one of the first things I learned was that he had the same birthday as my youngest brother. To know both of them it makes perfect sense. They are more alike than they are different, which leads to the occasional head-butt, but mostly it means that they can laugh, chat, shoot hoops, and make fun of me at just about the same clip.

June 24 is a good day for our family. I look forward to many more days filled from top to bottom. Next year will be an especially big one - Matt is turning 21!


I love ya, Tim and Matt. Eddy loves ya. Lucy loves ya. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. To many more!

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