Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cross one off: Blues on the Green

"Look at that water, man. It's beautiful! This city about been f**king blessed!"

Barkin Springs
Those were not my words, of course. I could have said it cleaner but I don't think I could've said it better. Watching as Lucy and Tim dipped their toes, a guy carrying his bike on his shoulder watched his dog do the same and exclaimed his love for the scene. I smiled and nodded 'yes'. Yes, this city has been blessed.

So, the thing about Austin is that it's beautiful and vibrant and alive and there's always live music - as was the case tonight in Zilker Park - but it's hot. Really hot. Molasses on a frying pan HOT. But we have amazing places to cool off. Barkin Springs (aka the free side of Barton Springs) stays below 70 degrees all year which is take-your-breath-away cold and the perfect spot to cool you to the core after working up a sweat.

Barkin Springs is part of our Blues on the Green formula. We park, hike to the river, dunk, and then we are set for the rest of the night.

The river is spittin' distance from Zilker Park and with wet paws and wet legs, we trek across the bridge and are greeted by free live music, people throwing Frisbees, and fat-tongued dogs.

We met our friends, the Graces, in a shady spot with blankets spread and kids running barefoot. I packed the fixings for our new favorite sandwich - sourdough, turkey, cheddar, and - wait for it - apple butter. Trust me.

Zeb and Ed
Blues on the Green happens every other Wednesday through August 8 and we will definitely be back. We've got it down pat. Let us know if you'd like to meet us. I'll pack you a sandwich.

Big Head Ed
We are chipping away at our summer list. Tonight we laughed with friends and were reminded of why we love this fantastic city. I have lived here for almost 12 years and couldn't imagine a better place to raise a family.

Oh yes, we have been blessed.

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