Friday, May 11, 2012

A tech-free challenge

Every time we are stuck in a crowd trying to find friends or having trouble getting out of the door on time, we rely on our cell phones to get us to point B. And in those moments, we always go, "Wooeee - what did we do before cell phones??"

I have figured out the answer: we made better plans.

After dropping my iPhone in the river a few weeks ago I "riced" it for 48 hours. In that 48 hours, I had lots to do, errands to run that required me knowing directions to new places, and emails that needed speedy answers. Wellll without an iPhone I was tethered to the computer at home and I had to write down directions with a pencil before leaving the house. During those 2 days I kept hearing phantom phone calls and texts.

A week later I read an article about a family that decided to go without technology for 24 hours each week. No cell phones, no computers, no television. It was brought about by the realization that during alone time with their partner they were never truly alone because they were always involving a third party: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails, etc. They also noticed that every time their toddler started doing something cute they pulled out a camera to capture it instead of just watching and taking it in. The timing of reading this article was kismet. I had just had a glimpse of my cell phone addiction and didn't like what I saw.


We are going technology free as a family once a week for 24 hours - from Friday at 7 pm until Saturday at 7 pm. We have let our family members and friends know to only call if it is a true emergency and prior to signing off for the day we will just make plans. For instance, this Saturday we are meeting our friends at the Farmers' Market at a set time and instead of texting to say we are on our way we will just get out of the door and be there. We will play board games, read, talk to each other while looking at each other, go for a walk, play with Lucy, make Eddy laugh, cook... and before you know it the day will be up.

I would love more time to look at this:

And this:

And this:

I think we're onto something here. I encourage you to join us. Drink the Kool-Aid, man.

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  1. We did this when our son was young one weekend a month. He loved it. Our undivided attention. We played games, made kites and flew them, built a fort, went to the Cider Mill, walks in the woods, museums. Back then it was mostly no t.v. or long phone conversations. Now it would be no computers. 13 years ago we chose not to have a t.v. and haven't looked back. It remains a good decision.


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