Friday, May 18, 2012

Tech-Free 24 hours: week 2

Here we go again! No phones, television, or computers from 7 pm tonight until 7 pm tomorrow. There were a few hiccups last week (read also: brothers in need of late night favors) but for the most part it went great. We made plans with people and then we showed up - brilliant!

And as I said last week, I think we're onto something. I heard a story on NPR on Tuesday about counties in the Midwest that are offering tech-free vacations. In charming tiny towns with main streets and bed and breakfasts, there can be very limited internet and cell phone signals so they have started to use this to their advantage by advertising quiet vacations free of a constant buzz. It was brought about when the Director of Tourism in the area spent Christmas with his extended family and noticed that when kids were not opening presents they were on their phones. Tim and I have witnessed things like this in restaurants and, long before kids, we agreed that it was something we wanted to try and avoid.

At the end of the day we realized how short 24 hours really is. For us, Friday night and Saturday are good times to be doing something other than plugging in. And when 7 pm rolled around, we surprisingly did not feel the urge to pull out our phones and count our missed calls and texts - although we didn't have many because our family and friends respected our request. There may be a different time of the week that works better for your family. My friend, Sara, suggested unplugging daily during a set time block, like 7 to 9 pm.

Whether it works for you or it just sounds silly, something needs to be said for good old fashioned human interaction. Can't beat it!

Eddy says, "Stop all the buzzing, man."

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