Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Inspired by Austin Monthly's list, I decided to make a list for our family to chip away at. Some of our endeavors are simple, some are long shots, but I'm hoping that by the first day of fall, we will have filled our summer with delicious, refreshing, quenching, active, adventurous, educational, memorable, beautiful, challenging, patriotic, and exciting days that will make for memorable moments.

Feeling the summertime itch? Join us! Add some adventures of your own! Create your own list!

Our Hot Fun in the Summertime List:
  • Buy - and fill - an Austin pool punch card
  • Share a picnic with friends and Hamilton Pool
  • Make Jello orange slices
  • Dip our toes in the ocean
  • Find new swimming holes with Lucy
  • Bake cookies in the car
  • Skinny dip (maybe just Eddy!)
  • Thrift complete outfits for the whole family
  • Take the train and surprise Papa for lunch at work
  • Put the finishing stitches in Eddy's blanket - finally
  • Learn how to do a cartwheel
  • Swim lessons with Eddy
  • Go to a movie without Eddy, juuust the two of us
  • Master the art of making baby food
  • Make these frozen pops - and these
  • Make dog treats for Lucy
  • Finish knitting the pair of socks I started last summer
  • Go to a Major League Baseball game
  • Go to a Minor League Baseball game
  • Fly on an airplane with Eddy
  • Go to a Longhorn football practice
  • Give an awesome Father's Day gift
  • Set up an Etsy shop
  • Go to a National Forest
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Boogie down at Blues on the Green
  • Relax at Austin Symphony's Concerts in the Park
  • Keep our plants in the yard alive (hand watering, of course)
  • Get as many books as we can carry from the library - and get new ones 2 weeks later
  • Do a rain dance, if and when it rains (fingers crossed!)
  • Go to a zoo
  • Donate to an animal shelter
  • Go to Shiner, Texas
  • Watch a sunset from Mount Bonnell
  • Play at Butler Pitch and Putt
  • Yoga at Umlauf Sculpture Garden
  • Doga with Lucy
  • Watch the Congress Bridge bats
  • Karaoke for the first time
  • Cook an entire Farmers' Market meal
  • Watch a movie at Deep Eddy
  • Taste test Austin's Sno Cones
  • Watch fireworks on the 4th of July
  • Paint the antique dresser in Eddy's room
  • Cool off with a drink at Deep Eddy Cabaret
  • Begin marathon - or half marathon - training (haven't decided yet)
  • Celebrate the start of Fall with my birthday!

I will be keeping track of our progress here on the blog. Check back and see how we're doing. And let me know if you want to meet up for some of the fun!

Need some musical inspiration to start your list? Get down with Sly & the Family Stone:

Oh, and my favorite part of this song is when Rose is feeling so funky she can only manage to say, "Buh buh buh bum bum when I want to!"


  1. Love the list! I'm going to have to make one too. We're in for Blues on the Green and lots of outdoorsy stuff this summer. And John made me a training plan for the White Rock Marathon - December in Dallas - if you want to run that! Think about it!

    1. Ooooo - December in Dallas sounds very close... but I was thinking Half in Dallas for sure. We'll see how it goes!


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