Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's April 22. Eddy Waymon is 4 months old!

I so don't have a newborn anymore.

Aside from the fact that my arm is still sore from dancing with my guy at two, yes two, weddings yesterday, he is just growing up.

This month went by the fastest yet. Eddy is doing many fine baby things, like adding new sounds to his symphony of goos, hoos, and squeals. He has also discovered his feet and I'm certain it's only a matter of time before he learns what flavor his toes are. I'm thinking that his hands must taste like Butterfingers because he is constantly gnawing and sucking on them. He has started taking a music class where he is the youngest member of the 59 piece band comprised of 8 babies. He loves lying on top of the big drum and feeling the vibrations. I think he may also have a promising future as a maraca player. And, just as it was when he was in my belly, he loves mama/baby yoga. He thinks it's hilarious when mama does downward dog and tickles his belly with her hair!

We have the big 4 month check-up tomorrow and I'm guessing he is 17 pounds since at our 3 month visit he was 16 lbs, 7 oz. I will make a quick update to the post once we find out so be sure to check back!

Okay - here are the updated stats from today's checkup. Hold onto your hats.

- 18 pounds! That's right, I said EIGHTEEN! He is above the 95th percentile and our doctor pointed out that he weighs one pound more than her 9 month old. Awesome :)

- 26 inches in length, which means that he has grown 4 inches since birth and is in the 90th percentile. No wonder he sleeps so much. That sounds like hard work to me!

- And that beautiful head measures 17 5/8 inches, also above the 95th percentile. That measurement doesn't even take into account his cheeks!

Ooooweeee, I love my big, growing boy!

This month's picture was snapped this morning outside of the Alamo Drafthouse near our house.

FOUR! Hey, is he holding up four fingers? Genius I tell ya!

PS - In two months I will have a six month old. What tha???
PPS - I'm a math teacher, can you tell? Still got it!

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